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After nearly a year and much less blogs than I wanted to get written (because I'm too busy improving quality & performance, creating notes and new features) two colleagues offering to help me providing some more content. So, I'm happy to welcome Felipe & Matthias as co-authors in this series. But enough of me - I let they speak for themselves:

Before we start with the content, a short introduction is in place: social media has been an important source of information for the SAP Transportation Management community. Useful product information is regularly shared by SAP colleagues, partners and customers, for example in the linkedin SAP TM community which has over 10.000 members. SAP colleagues are regularly sharing technical articles or product information. Posts such as the MKS series by our former team member Marcus Zahn on TM topics are excellent examples of the power and reach that this media enables.

We want to continue to contribute by rolling out useful technical tips and product information with a series of blog posts. These will be authored mainly by colleagues in our team such as Matthias Müller and myself. The target audience will still be mainly partners and customers with ongoing projects involving TM.

In future you will find blogs of all of us in this series. Their first blog can be found here.