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1. The importance of Tracking and Tracing in the digitized world

Today, consumers want to be sure they hold a ‘real’ – not a fake - product in their hands, they want guaranteed product safety and quality, and they want to make ethical purchases (with conflict-free & environmentally-friendly material sourcing, fair-trade harvesting etc.). So being sure of where a product and its materials or ingredients originate from, is vital. This product genealogy visibility is all the more critical and important when the product goes through a human body, e.g. a medication or food / drinks.

Compounding this challenge, is the pace of today’s digital economy – firing unprecedented expectations in supply chain speed, responsiveness and traceability.

With SAP Global Batch Traceability, SAP has developed a state-of the art solution to spearhead these needs, delivering our customers exactly the real-time and accurate visibility they need across the product genealogy.

Learn more about GBT in my new Video:


2. Why SAP Global Batch Traceability?

Industries that are required to track their product movements via batches due to legal requirements and a fast product traceability system, find it difficult to perform this in an efficient manner. Why the inefficiency?

The reason is that the information and data is distributed across different business partners (both upstream and downstream) and their IT systems, making it extremely difficult to get the complete batch genealogy for impacted batches. Getting all this information together can take days to complete. However, timely visibility can be business critical - to quickly identify the root cause of a product batch issue and immediately manage the situation to mitigate risks.

SAP Global Batch Traceability gives you real-time batch and product traceability across your global supply chain. In the event of a recall or withdrawal, the software ensures compliance with legal reporting timelines and can help you minimize costs and corporate risk exposure.

SAP GBT also integrates and displays handling units for batch-managed materials. This information is saved in addition to the material movements, and enables more granular traceability for the batches.

The data is consistent, easily consumable and the user interface is very intuitive: You can use multiple batch selections to search, visualize and explore your global batch genealogy and immediately report on your batch distribution and material balances with the push of a button.

In the network graphic, you can isolate the bad batch or raw material at the lowest level and list all batches, semi-finished / finished products that used this batch together with the locations of each of these products and immediately inform all parties involved.



GBT Customer highlights:

How many SAP GBT customers? 75+

Biggest industries?
Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Process Industries

5 of 10 largest pharmaceutical companies
(by revenue) are GBT customers

SAP GBT improving people’s lives at Sanquin:
Tracing of blood plasma batches went down
from 8 hours to 4 seconds Video


3. Outlook

With the digital economy and new possibilities to leverage IOT, the internet, machine intelligence, block chain and cloud computing, we see many exciting opportunities and use cases for track and trace. SAP is investing heavily in the topic of track and trace and our portfolio. Learn more about the plans for our next SAP GBT release, and learn more about our complementary, cloud-based SAP Global Track & Trace solutions for end-to-end process and object tracking across supply chain networks.


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