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Product and Topic Expert


You may not see BITZER’s products, but you can feel their effects everywhere, from
fresh foods to pleasantly air-conditioned buildings and reliably cooled industrial complexes.

With local roots in Germany and a global presence, the BITZER group is represented in more than 90 countries with 72 locations and over 3,800 employees. The company has been providing innovative products and services for 87 years. Its products maintain the optimum temperature on buses, trains and in buildings, and ensure fresh foods at all times on their way to consumers.

Transforming to a provider of compressor enabled services to aid customers and gain competitive edge

I recently had the chance to speak with Eugen Bonelis, Digital Solution Manager and Christian Stenzel, Director of Organization and IT at BITZER.

Mr. Bonelis started by saying, “To support BITZER’s innovation and future growth strategy the company set an objective to transform from a compressor manufacturer to a provider of compressor enabled services. With the transformation of our business model customer service would be taken to the next level”.

He continued, “To achieve this goal, we needed a central platform that would allow us to digitally connect our compressors to enable customers to monitor machine status in real time, access configuration data and documentation, and review operational reports”.

This network provides solutions for remote troubleshooting to keep machines running efficiently while helping BITZER transform its business model and make the enterprise future-proof against changing market dynamics while keeping its competitive edge.

Building an asset network to manage compressor performance and digitize their enterprises

By integrating a suite of SAP solutions to digitally connect its refrigeration technology
BITZER is helping its customers optimize operations and tap into new digital solutions.

For example, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled compressors and solutions provide situational awareness of the real time operation in the new digital network. This facilitates tailored customer alerts based on sensor readings, status reports, and data analytics services helping to provide an overview of the customer's ecosystem in a service-oriented interface.

Mr. Stenzel explained, “We can now connect applications, processes, and people through SAP Asset Management solutions to distribute information and deploy operation analytics”.

He continued “By monitoring operational data remotely in real time and using advanced data analytics, we can instantly identify operational issues and offer actionable insights, including spare parts preorder capabilities, shortening downtime, and supporting customized operational reports”.

Developing a Customer Centric Experience through Digital Transformation

Digital Solution Manager Eugen Bonelis discussed the importance of a great customer engagement, saying „it's important to be close to your customers, be creative, and provide solutions to their needs. With SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Asset Intelligence Network, we can provide 360 degree information that enables an outstanding customer focus.”

The Benefits are clear

Major outcomes achieved include:

• Gained complete, real time overview of a customer’s product portfolio and product history, from the initial order throughout the entire lifecycle of the compressor, through the BITZER Digital Network which connects all BITZER products to the cloud

• Increased ability to break down information and departmental silos, operate as a single company focused on customer outcomes, and serve them while growing the business

• Providing a basis for BITZER’s partners to transform their own business model into a service provider for refrigeration

• Enhanced customer satisfaction, enabling them to digitize and tap into new product, service and market opportunities, while customers regard BITZER as a valuable partner

• Increased revenue by providing new services spanning equipment monitoring, operational reports, and instant remote assistance in the event of defects

• Reduced compressor downtime thanks to data analysis capabilities, leading to a competitive advantage for both BITZER and its customers

• Increased energy efficiency through optimization of compressor operation by leveraging BITZER’s know how

BITZER worked with the SAP Services and Support team to create the new asset network and connect its customers’ refrigeration and air conditioning products and related operational data in the cloud.

“The support of SAP, especially the Customer First program, has been very important for
us. We have exchanged many ideas that have led to exciting new initiatives for our company”, remarked Christian Stenzel, Director of Organization and IT at BITZER. He concluded, “You can’t buy digitalization, but you can simplify the way toward it. Working with the SAP Services and Support team helped us combine SAP software, business and customer focused know-how, as well as customer focused innovation to create instant value for our customers.”

To learn more about how to enable intelligent asset management processes, click here to download the report: "The building blocks of Industry 4.0 with Intelligent Assets"