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After the successful completion of their last collaboration project, SAP Business Challenge Network, Siemens Digital Logistics and Dartmouth College joined forces again and conducted a second project in the field of Data Analytics

Data is the new oil in today's world. Data sources, types and volumes continue to grow as digitalisation increases. At the same time, it is difficult for companies to gain truly business-relevant insights in the abundance of this data. In order to drive collaborations between our customers and leading universities to introduce and showcase the innovative potential of SAP technology, SAP Business Challenge Network enables students to gain key insights for SAP customers from their data, so they can use them beneficially in a business context.

A second project took place between Siemens Digital Logistics and the Dartmouth College this year. Dartmouth College is one of the world's greatest academic institutions and a member of the Ivy League and has been educating leaders since 1769. As a continuation of last year's challenge, the challenge presented to the students this year was to develop a predictive analytics/forecast model (5-year plan) and estimating future revenue streams (including different business types such as implementation, consulting, service, license & SaaS business), based on learnings from existing data and considering multiple input parameters (e.g. market analysis, macroeconomic environment, competitor landscape, customer data). To tackle this challenge, Siemens provided real-world structured data and the students worked with the data by using SAP Cloud Tools.

Three international student teams worked on that challenge from April - June 2022 and were supported by mentors from Siemens, SAP and Dartmouth. To wrap up the project they presented their results to their professor as well as to all involved stakeholders. Bright minds paired with lots of intrinsic motivation led to vivid discussions about deep learning, machine learning and statistical models. The presented outcomes are impressive: They show that Siemens Digital Logistics has the potential to double its annual revenue by 2026, a great perspective which is in line with its own ambitions.

After the successful completion of the project the future decision-makers from Dartmouth College know now about SAP Cloud Tools and SAP was able to strengthen once again the partnership with Siemens Digital Logistics by offering a demonstration of SAP power to their business.

Geoff Parker, Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College
"Any time you can engage students in experiential learning, it makes a very strong impression and amplifies what professors teach in class."


Christopher Christian and Alex Edinger from Siemens Digital Logistics about SAP Business Challenge Network

Liam Ross, student at Dartmouth College, shares his experience and thoughts about the joint project between Dartmouth College and Siemens Digital Logistics.

Arun Somasundaram, student at Dartmouth College, shares his experience and thoughts about the joint project between Dartmouth College and Siemens Digital Logistics.