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Customer Self Service application of SAP FSM allows customers to help themselves. For example, a contact of a customer who bought a device can scan a QR code on the equipment by using mobile phone. Without installing any special app, the contact can view historic service requests and status of ongoing service request for this equipment on his or her mobile. The contact can also report an issue or raise a service request. If necessary, the contact can schedule an appointment with a service technician.

There are two entry points to access the Customer Self Service portal. Let's take the self-service portal I configured by following the article Step by step to setup FSM Customer Self-Service portal as an example.

1. Scan QR-code

Let's scan a QR-code for an equipment and see what it looks like.

After scanning an equipment QR-code, the equipment landing page will be displayed.

Push the "+" button to launch Service Assistant.

Enter credential for the self-service portal user. Please be noticed that the user should be a contact for the customer account to which the equipment belongs.


Go back to the initial page of Service-Assistant. Click MORE INFO. The configured URL will be opened.


Click "GET SERVICE?" to create a service request. Go through the process to make selections and enter necessary data for the service request.

After the servicver request is created, the equipment land page shows the new service request.

2. Open self-service portal web site

Log on self-service portal web site which is enabled in Now Access within Admin application. In my case, the URL is<FSM account ID>. The logon user is conrresponding to a contact of a business partner.

If you want to know how to create portal user for the self-service portal, you can have a look at the article Step by step to create user for FSM Customer Self-Service portal.

Go to Service Requests page.

Go to Equipments page.

Go back to home page and click the "+" button to create a service request.

Now you have created a service request from self-service portal web site.