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A service call may be created in following ways.

  1. It can be created by a contact of a customer from the Customer Self-Service portal.

  2. It can also be created in the Planning & Dispatching app by the dispather.

  3. It will be created from the ERP to SAP Field Service Management via the Cloud Connector if the integration with ERP system has been configured.

A service call needs to be assigned to a technician in order to push the service call to the FSM mobile app used by the technician.

There are following 2 basic options to assign service call to technicians.

The detailed steps are described as below.

1. Create service call for testing

1.1 Start creation of service call

Dispatcher can create service call based on issue or service request reported by Customer.

Click SERVICE CALL icon to create a service call which will be used later.

Enter key word and select customer. Enter subject. Now push Confirm icon to confirm the creation.

1.2 Create an activity

An activity can represent many events, such as meetings, tasks, appointments, etc. related to a service call.

A single service call can include multiple activities.

Notice that an activity with same subject has been created for the service call on the "Related activities" card. Click "+" icon to create an activity.

Enter subject. Confirm the creation.

2. Assign technician manually

2.1 Assign manually

Go back to the Dispatching Board page. The two activities for the service call are displayed in the activity list.

In order to view relevant data easily, click the Personalization icon on the activity list. Choose colums to show. Drag and drop the column title to change the position of the column.

The Planning Board is used to display technician schedules. Dispatcher can drag and drop service call assignments, adjust technician schedules, and release service calls/activities.

The date displayed at top of the Planning Board is the date for which you would like to schedule service calls. For example, you can select the date as 06/20/2019 by clicking the calendar icon if you want to schedule the activities into that day.

By clicking Today you can quickly set the date as today.

Right-click the activity on the Activity list. Choose "Show timeframe on board" menu item to display the timeframe according to earliest start date and due date.

Now, it's time to drag and drop the activity one by one onto a technician schedule. Once scheduling is done, the planned start date and planned end date are populated accordingly.

Alternatively, you can do the assignment on the activity list. Right click the record on the activity list. Choose "Assign to" and choose the desired technician.

2.2 Release assignments

Click the first activity on the Planning Board and push the "RELEASE ASSIGNMENTS(1)" button to release the activity assignment. Repeat the step to release another activity. Once the activities are released, they are disappeared from the service call/activity list.

2.3 Verify

Click one of the activity in the Planning Board. The popover shows "Released".

Expand the side panel to view details of the activity. Scroll down to see that the respossible field has been changed to the name of the technician.

Follow the steps described in Step by step to create user for FSM Customer Self-Service portal to create an contact for the customer for which the service call is created. Create account for the contact and set password. Log on the Customer Self-Service portal with the user. The released activities are displayed on the home page.

Click one activity to view details. The activity status is Planned. From the history, you can see when it was planned and released.

Now the service call and activities can be viewed by the technician in the mobile application.

3. Assign suggested technician

By using the “Best Matching Technician” feature, you can assign service calls to a technician who best matches service call and activity requirements with technician skills.

To use the feature, you need to specify what skills are requried for fulfulling an activity.

3.1 Assign skills to activity

In order to reuse the previous activities in following steps, let's unassign the activities so that they can be assigned again.

Click the activity on the Activity list. Expand the side panel to view details of the activity. Add a skill for the activity.

Create a new skill.

Add the new skill to the activity.

3.2 Assign skills to technician

3.3 Find matching technicians

Right-click the activity on the activity list. Choose "Find matching technicians" menu item.

Expand the side panel to view suggested technicians.

Click the arrow icon for the best matching technician and click ASSIGN ACTIVITY button.

3.4 Release and verify

Repeat the step 2.2 and 2.3 to release the assignment and verify it.