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The contact records are used throughout the Field Service Management applications. A contact represents an employee of a given Business Partner. In order to access the FSM Customer Self-Service portal as an end user, the administrator needs to create a contact for the business partner who bought the equipments.

1. Create a contact record

Open the Master Data application from FSM system.

Navigate to the Business Partners page. Locate the business partner for which you want to create contacts.


Enter email address and push Save button.

Do not forget to confirm the changes.

2. Create account for the contact

Open the Administration application from FSM system to find the self-service portal URL from where you can create account for contact.

Click the company name to navigate to the company profile page of the company for which you are going to work on the customer self-service portal.

Navigate to Now Access page from the left navigation pane.

Open the company URL which points to the self-service portal.

Navigate to User Management page.

Find out the contact you created.

Select the menu option "Create new account".

An email will be sent to the email address of the contact.

Open the email and click the CREATE ACCOUNT link.

3. Set password

4. Verify the credential

Close all browser windows and open the self-service portal so that you can log on the portal with the new user. Alternatively, you can open a new incognito window in Chrome to open the URL.

Enter email address and password you configured.

If successful, the home page of self-service portal will be displayed.

If you want to know how to setup self-service portal, you can have a look at the articl Step by step to setup FSM Customer Self-Service portal.
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