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SAP Business Network for Logistics provides capabilities of freight tendering, tracking and dock appointment scheduling by connecting business partners in the network. To set up EDI integration with the network carriers need an SFTP server for information exchange.

For carriers who are interested in testing EDI integration without such an SFTP server we offer the option to test EDI Outbound messages by sending them as email. This blog describes the required configuration in the System Connections app to use this functionality.

Setting up email communication in the System Connections app

On the Manage Network tab of your SAP Fiori launchpad, select the System Connections app.

Choose Manage Details in the upper right corner.

Under the Communication Details tab, choose Add and select the Email option from the dropdown menu.

Enter all required data in the New Communication Details window. An email containing an IFTMIN/ANSI 204 message will be sent to each email address in the Recipients field.

Go back to the entry page of the System Connections app and create three different outbound connections for the Freight Subcontracting All service, one for each of the following operations:

  • Post freight order for subcontracting cancellation

  • Post freight order for subcontracting

  • Put freight order for subcontracting

For details how to create these services, see our How-to guides for ANSI or EDIFACT. Here you can also find information how to adjust your configuration for productive usage.



By following the above steps, you can start testing the integration with SAP Business Network for Logistics without an SFTP server.

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