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Today I would like to highlight a new SAP Digital Supply Chain Consulting service. Every one of us personally realized what digital transformation is all about in times of COVID-19. This transformation helps us to continue our daily life by utilizing online meeting tools or go shopping via internet portals.

In recent years, the use of robots in the warehouse has become more present from year to year. Today, already quite a few companies have practically experienced the many added values associated with the use of warehouse robots and autonomous AGVs, and it is clear that the future in the warehouse is becoming more autonomous and digital. Putting the future into numbers, there are two very interesting KPIs that give a first insight into the productivity leap that companies can achieve by supporting processes through the use of robotics.


When we talk about robots, we are actually talking about Cobots. Cobots are autonomous, human-safe collaborative robots with many unique features compared to a normal robot. You may have seen some scenarios where robots worked in an area separated from other warehouse workers by a fence. This is the world without Cobots.

With Cobots this collaboration is redefined, and the following figure gives a good insight into the capabilities of Cobots.

Important to note is that Cobots are designed to collaborate with humans.

The usage of Cobots brings advantages on 3 different pillars, all of which are very familiar to us in the warehouse:

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Handling heavy loads

  • Reduce costs

Motivation and Scope

To help companies on their journey towards robot-supported warehouse processes, and to show how robots can already harmonize today with SAP EWM, SAP Consulting Digital Supply Chain is offering the SimpleRobotics@ EWM Discovery Service.

This service makes you and your colleagues robotic-ready within 1 packed day, following a clear Game Plan:

Discovery Service Game Plan

  1. Understand the most recent technological developments within robotics and their ability to improve warehouse processes ​

  2. Identify the possibilities of robots to improve your warehouse processes​ and the integration into your SAP EWM processes and architecture

  3. Sketch a strategy for first implementation of use cases within your landscape

Additional Information

This service is offered as an Add-on to enhance the SAP EWM solution. You can find this Add-on as part of the Consulting Solution “Enhancement service for SAP EWM”, which you can find in our Services and Support catalogue by accessing the following link:

Services & Support Catalog – Enhancement Services for SAP EWM.

Or get directly into contact with

Further details can be found in note 2943286

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