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We are happy to announce the release of the new product version of SAP Yard Logistics 2009 for SAP S/4HANA. This version offers continuous improvements such as increased changeability of yard documents and introduces completely new features like the rule-based yard task processing.

Watch this video to learn how we reimagined yard management to help customers making their business future ready.

SAP Yard Logistics is the dedicated yard management solution supporting various industries and means of transports. With its flexible deployment options, the rich integration features, and the business process-based task handling, the solution offers full coverage of the customer yard scenarios. Mobile apps and the yard visualization round off the solution.

Key Features and Business Value

  • Dynamically manage business processes using rule-based yard activities

  • Manage unplanned changes and exceptions efficiently by leveraging new yard order adoption possibilities

  • Utilize additional mobile scenarios for unplanned activities and inspections

  • Benefit from various newly introduced automation scenarios that help to simplify your process steps

Leverage advanced dock appointment scheduling of the SAP Logistics Business Network, using its standard integration with SAP Yard Logistics.

Especially the automation and rule-based scenarios are providing new, comprehensive options to further improve and simplify the yard processes for our customers.

We have integrated the Business Rules Framework plus (BRFplus) in the Yard Order and Yard Task handling, enabling dynamic processes based on the activities happening in the yard.

Graphical Yard Layout Example for Terminal

Scope of the dynamic Yard processes

  • Integration of Business Rules Framework plus (BRF+) into yard order and yard task functionality

  • Rule-based creation of yard tasks, as well as determination of questionnaire and measurements and follow-up handling on yard task confirmation

  • Business functions and sample business rules, as well as business add-ins for enhancing or changing the BRF+ adapters


  • Complete control over yard task handling and dynamic follow-up events

  • Business rules you can define and change on demand

  • Optimized process flow and simple reaction on exceptions or other events

Graphical Yard Layout Example for Distribution Center


In order to get more information or a live demo of the SAP Yard Logistics solution, please contact us using
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