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We are happy to announce the release of the new product version of SAP Yard Logistics 2021 for SAP S/4HANA. Besides new integration capabilities and deployment options, the new release focusses on planning and optimization as well as on new IoT Scenarios and sustainable processes.

With regards to SAP Yard Logistics various options are possible to provide a sustainable solution to the customer for managing all processes in the yard. A sustainable, future-proof yard management, for simple as well as for complex scenarios, is supported by SAP Yard Logistics, which plans and ensures the smooth and efficient processes within the yard. By optimizing the yard processes, such a system supports the reduction of error rates and helps to increase the throughput of the yard and increases the savings.

To decrease the need of parking space in front of the yard entry a self-check-in, which is part of the SAP Yard Logistics solution, is very beneficial as the truck does not even have to stop the engine but can directly approach the kiosk and enter the yard. Thereby CO2 emissions are going down as the overall check-in process is accelerated. Another option for check-in is the automatic check-in that shortens the duration of the check-in process significantly.

Due to efficient planning of the different steps and activities in the yard, long breaks or gaps during the processing can be avoided. This leads to a higher throughput without additional investments, e.g. by adding new gates. Therefore, the processed volumes can be increase based on a minimal environmental footprint.

In the yard, the usage of mobile devices replaces paper-based processing and helps to reduce the communication overhead between the operator and the supervisor. This also allows to speed up processes and reduces errors.

Another possibility is the usage of 100% electric shunting trucks which reduce the pollution of the environment. Using sensor-based temperature control, the proper cold chain for food and beverages can be ensured in the yard, fully automated. Thereby, the amount of wasted food is reduced as the system informs the user automatically in case a sensor used for temperature control drops below / exceeds a defined threshold well in advance of a critical change in temperature. A similar process is also applicable to the chemical industry. The temperature-controlled container can be checked automatically which reduces the risk of accidents, and thereby pollution of the environment significantly while also ensuring the customer receives products that can be used properly and reduces waste due to wrong storage.

Run more efficient and profitable supply chain logistics with the SAP Yard Logistics application. Maximize your visibility of all yard processes and preview planned workloads with a range of visualization and reporting tools. You can now optimize resource use, support planning, execution, and billing within a single system.

The sustainable, future-proof SAP Yard Logistics solution, applicable for simple as well as for complex scenarios, supports planning of yard activities and ensures smooth and efficient processes within the yard. By optimizing the yard processes, SAP Yard Logistics supports the reduction of error rates and helps to increase the throughput of the yard, thereby increasing the savings.




  • Execute and optimize Berth planning to utilize the available berths most efficiently

  • Benefit from the possibility of using SAP EWM and SAP Yard Logistics in the same client

  • Simplify integration with SAP EWM and SAP TM by leveraging the Advanced Shipping & Receiving in a central deployment scenario

  • Automate posting of check-in, check-out and yard task related activities based on GPS tracking and SAP IoT geofencing capabilities

  • Integrate with SAP Plant Maintenance to utilize the maintenance capabilities and related activities during the Yard Execution

Yard Layout Sample

Berth Planning and Optimization using the HANA solver provides new, comprehensive options to further improve the utilization of bottleneck resources and locations.

Once implemented, the following benefits will improve your yard processes:

      • Improved utilization of available berths

      • Easy overview of scheduling using new Gantt Chart UI

      • Optimized process flow and less manual planning effort

Berth Planning Sample

The release furthermore provides various new integration and deployment scenarios, supporting for example Advanced Shipping and Receiving (ASR) in conjunction with SAP TM and SAP EWM. This is supported for a central scenario where SAP TM, SAP EWM and SAP Yard Logistics are running in a central system in the same client.

ASR Architecture

New Integration and Deployment Scenarios

  • Enabling Advanced Shipping and Receiving

    • Updates are processed directly based on TM Freight Order

    • See and process the transport related data in one UI

    • Support ASR to simplify the collaboration with SAP TM and SAP EWM

  • Support usage of SAP EWM and SAP Yard Logistics

    • Removal of webservices to reduce configuration effort

    • Simplify the interaction of both components


  • SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Integration

    • Create PM workorders automatically during yard task handling

    • Receive confirmation of PM workorder after it’s finalizing

    • Support of maintenance scenarios in the yard


  • Geofencing for Process Automation

    • Definition and setup of geofencing functionality in SAP Yard Logistics and SAP IoT Services

    • Configuration of processes based on geofencing events

    • Automatic check-in/check-out postings and movement yard task processing using geofencing technology

Geofencing Sample


To get more information or a live demo of the SAP Yard Logistics solution, please go to and request a demo. you can contact us using


Christian Reinhardt

Product Manager SAP Yard Logistics