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We have released our innovations in the area of Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111. You can find the overview of this release by accessing the following link to our “What’s New in Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111” presentation.

This release brings with it features and enhancements in the areas of extensibility, master data customization and some cross process improvements.

While you may find all the details in the above-mentioned slide deck, I would like to mention some highlights of this release:

Custom Fields for Warehouse Product Data

With this feature, you can add custom fields for storage type data and warehouse data to the master data of your warehouse products in the “Manage Product Master Data” App.

You can extend the “Manage Product Master Data” App in the “Custom Fields” App using the following business contexts:

  • Warehouse Product: Storage Type Data

  • Warehouse Product: Warehouse Data

After you publish these custom fields, you can use them by adapting the UI in the “Manage Product Master Data” App under Warehouse Management > Warehouse.

You can also find them in the warehouse monitor under Product Master Data > Warehouse Attribute and Product Master Data > Warehouse Attribute > Storage Type Attribute.

Enhancements to Attachments in Warehouse Management

With this feature, you can upload, read, update, or delete attachments in various file formats to handling units (HUs) and nested HUs in the “Pack Handling Units – Advanced” App. You can also add hyperlinks as attachments to the HUs.

In order to use this new features, users must add a tab for attachments to the “Pack Handling Units – Advanced” App in the configuration activity “Specify Work Center Layout”.

Extensibility for Putaway & Stock Removal Strategies

In warehousing operations you may encounter very specific processes that need their own custom logic. To accomplish this we have introduced proven and frequently used On-Premise Business Add-Ins in SAP S/4HANA Cloud WM. With these BAdIs you can implement your own logic to change the storage type search sequence for stock removal or for putaway, to change stock removal or putaway rules, and to re-sort and filter storage bins based on the stock removal or putaway strategy.

One more feature of note is the ability to test the custom logic during implementation. In case of inconsistencies, you can do further editing or even delete them.


There are a few more enhancements to discover in this release, and I encourage you to read through our latest release document “What’s New in Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111”

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