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The August release, with our innovations in the area of Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2008, is out now. You can find the full overview of this release by accessing the following link to our “What’s New in Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2008” presentation. This release brings some production, mobile, outbound and cross-process features and enhancements.

From the highlights of this release, I would like to preview first the enhancements to the “Post Goods Movement” app. Via the app, it is now possible post goods issue for production from a warehouse-managed storage location, as well as post goods receipt from production for finished / semi-finished products into a warehouse managed storage location. This will improve the user experience by reducing navigation to other screens and apps.

For mobile warehousing we enhanced the “Warehouse Outbound Delivery Order” API by adding the possibility to print the loading list via the API. This reduces the manual steps in S/4HANA Cloud WM and enhances the mobile process coverage.

One of the highlights for the Outbound process is the improvement of the “Post Goods Issue – Unplanned” app. Now with 2008, for the ad-hoc goods issue processes “scrapping” and “sampling” you can specify an accounting element like cost centre, internal order or project. Additionally, the “consumption” goods issue process was added to the “Post Goods Issue – Unplanned” app which supports your posting product withdrawals with reference to an accounting element.

The account assignment will also be displayed for executed goods issue tasks in the Warehouse Monitor.

We also made some significant improvements in Cross-Process settings. The first highlight of these improvements is the processing of Handling Units (HU) warehouse tasks with Fiori apps. Before the 2008 release, HU warehouse tasks were created with the app “Create HU Warehouse Tasks”. Then the HU warehouse tasks had to be confirmed through the app “Confirm HU Warehouse Tasks”. With 2008 this is no longer the case, and HU warehouse tasks can be confirmed directly via the “Process Warehouse Tasks” Fiori apps.

We keep fine-tuning Serial Number (SN) handling. There is now a new SSCUI for Warehouse SN profile maintenance. In the Fiori app “Manage your solution”, with the new SSCUI “Define Serial Number Profiles” users can maintain their own profiles and specify warehouse serialization settings. This allows for the creation of customer specific SN profiles.

Furthermore, we added a new method in the warehouse monitor which can be used to repair SN profiles. The new monitor method allows to delete serialization settings stored for the EWM warehouse product and then maintain new SN profiles. Please note that the repair is supported only when:

  • No open warehouse tasks exist

  • No open delivery documents exist

  • No warehouse stock exists

To get more details on the above-mentioned highlights, or to explore our other enhancements of the Warehouse Management Cloud 2008 release, please access our “Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud - What's New in 2008” presentation.


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