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One important point in Transportation management is Cost of the Freight and in SAP TM there are different way to have the cost of the transport, even for real cost or estimated based on a Freight Agreement.

Sometime Key User would have an estimation of the cost for some Route (Source Location / Destination Location + Carrier).

In TM exist two standard Fiori for Charge Estimation (Estimate Freight Charges and Estimate Forwarding Charges) which you can use to make a Cost estimation based on the same parameters as the charge calculation is use in Freight Order, Freight Booking, FWO, etc.

The estimate Freight Charges start based on the Transportation Mode you will run it


This Fiori use the Standard parameters which are i.e in the Freight Order to be able to make the Charge Calculation engine run, such as Purchasing Organization, Carrier, Source Location, Destination Location


You will need to inform i.e Volume, Quantities, etc.


No material informed only the volume and the other values need to make the charge calculation engine run and we can see the estimate cost for the transport based on the Freight Agreement:


This Fiori will have the Key User to make an estimation and plan the Cost of the transport.

Fiori for Estimate Forwarding Charges, use the same approach for need to calculate it in FWO scenario.


Important the system does not save the data that you enter, or the charge estimation.


Charge Calculation | SAP Help Portal

Charge Estimation | SAP Help Portal


Hope that can help you.

Thanks and regards

Rogerio Lima.