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The new release of SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM 9.5) is now available on the market. The system landscape is a classic model for a standalone solution that sits side-by-side to S/4HANA and / or ERP systems, and it can be installed on the Supply Chain Execution Platform. TM 9.5 is a powerful full-blown offering for multiple market segments, including shippers, logistic service providers, and carriers. TM 9.5 includes best-in-class and proven transportation management capabilities with complete end-to-end transportation process support.

Let’s hear what's new in this release from the Chief Product Owner of SAP Transportation Management, Matthias Koch:

As described in the video, the key takeaway is that the new release focuses strongly on both quality and continuous innovation.

We've continued to improve performance in all areas to make TM 9.5 even better and stable. For example, entering the transportation cockpit is now twice as fast as in the previous version!


  • Entering transportation cockpit with 300 freight units and standard page layout

  • Overall time including client rendering

And we've also enhanced the following areas:

Operations: The enhanced design and usability of Air Cargo Security now enables the user to maintain the relevant information in one UI that's part of the forwarding order.

Other major enhancements include improved air and ocean freight bookings via Descartes integration, mass change for freight orders and freight bookings, copy forwarding orders without actual route information and much more.

Planning: A major usability enhancement is that planners can now display the transportation cockpit in multiple windows that can be resized independently. This means that planners can now display UI areas such as the geographical map and the Gantt chart in independent full-screen windows. This gives planners more space to plan and gives them the tools to make better decisions and to work more efficiently.

Other standout highlights include the enhancements within package building and load planning. The new functionality now makes the process of load planning more effective and cost-saving:

  • Planners can now perform load planning with height-adjustable double-deck resources, which enables much better resource utilization.

  • The system can automatically perform load planning checks during vehicle scheduling and routing (VSR) optimization.

  • Planners can specify the usage of separation material in mixed packages.

  • And planners can check that load plans adhere to the axle weight limits of a resource.

Additionally, with the release of TM 9.5, a new approach for scheduling is available that enables very precise and realistic scheduling. The method – called flexible stop durations – enables planners to define a fixed duration and a variable duration (time per unit) for loading and unloading activities at locations.

Charge Management & Settlement: We've also improved the usability in external and internal charges as well as in profitability by showing the charges in local currency to provide a consistent picture to the user. Furthermore, a more flexible exchange rate date determination is now in place as well as improved charges log.

If you're interested in finding out more about SAP TM 9.5, take a look at the following resources:

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