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In release 9.2 SAP TM introduced a Gantt chart for road transportation planning aiming a better visibility on usage and availability of truck and trailer resources. The Gantt chart should support in getting a quick overview of the planning and execution status of a transportation plan.

As a new area in the transportation cockpit it is flexible in use and offers a new view on the data of a planning session. It visualizes usage, nonworking time & downtimes and load utilization of trucks and trailers, displays execution status and reported times for freight orders, trailer units and shows notifications for overload, empty movements and time conflicts.

It’s possible to zoom in and out on the time axis, switch between different views and hierarchies and change the plan using drag & drop and context menu functions. One of the current limitations is the drag & drop functionality from outside the Gantt chart (other transportation cockpit areas) to the Gantt chart, which is not working in the current SAP TM releases.

The following blog posts should give you an overview how to use and customize the Gantt chart.

1SAP TM Gantt chart - How to set up
2SAP TM Gantt chart - Field list concept
3SAP TM Gantt chart - Layouts
4SAP TM Gantt chart - Common issues