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In the last weeks I had several tickets on my desk regarding issues like "Gantt chart does only show a grey area" or "Gantt chart is not responding anymore after drag&drop". This post should list some common sources for such errors and for sure how to fix them.

Checking the console

If you have any issues with the Gantt chart behavior it is a good idea to check the browser console for issues. For opening the browser console you need to open the transportation cockpit application in any browser (instead of using NWBC Client) and press F12 for opening the developer tools. On the console tab you will find a lot of information listed. In case of a java script error the error message will shown up here.

Common issues

Services activated

If the Gantt chart just shows a grey area please make sure that all of the services the Gantt chart needs are activated (please check out SAP TM Gantt chart - How to set up).

Unified rendering issues

If the Gantt chart does only show a grey area but the services are activated, this could be released to issues with unified rendering. Please open the transportation cockpit again with a page layout showing geo-map or 3D load-plan visualization. If these components are also just showing a grey area please follow the instruction of SAP Note 2154957 and install the mentioned SAP Notes at least up to 2282014.

Library mismatch
Please be aware that the TM Gantt chart consists of two components which needs to be on the same version. Both components are delivered with separate SAP Notes. For this reason you ever find two SAP Notes like "Gantt Chart: Collective Note for the Gantt Chart Library (10)" and "Gantt Chart: Collective Note for TM Gantt Chart (10)" showing the same number.
Please make sure that both libraries are on the same version as different versions can lead to several effects from button does not work to Gantt chart does not show up at all.

9.3 related cache buster issue
You are running TM 9.3 on an SP below SP03. In the java script console some issue regarding /sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5/1/resources/~<timestamp> ~/sap-ui-core.js occur (<timestamp> is showing some timestamp like ‘20160317120000’>. Please implement SAP Note 2235879 for this issue.

9.3 ‘sap.ui.ux3.library-preload': NOT FOUND
You are running TM 9.3. In the Java script console you get an issue telling “’sap.ui.ux3.library-preload’: NOT FOUND”. Please implement SAP Notes 2258909 and 2258910.

9.3 Handling resources

You are running TM 9.3 on an SP below SP04 and use the default SAP Gantt chart layout SAP_HRES. The Gantt chart does not show up at all. Please implement SAP Note 2288503.