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The previous blog Find your way to Digital Supply Chain with SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution unfolds the definition of the SAP Model Company and explains the basics. However our customers out there are interested in clear deliverables they can get and prefer to start their evaluation with something tangible they can look and experience with confidence.

Embarked on this transformation journey (regardless of the use case: it could be a new implementation project or, for instance, decision to go for a new solution release upgrade) this blog shares more info on, what tangible assets and best practices are included into the SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution.

These assets are composed of four fundamental building blocks that make the SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution a unique SAP offering. They are depicted in the picture below:

  1. Engineered Service

  2. Preconfigured Solution

  3. Business Content

  4. Accelerators

I would like to focus on the Preconfigured Solution as it is something what the SAP Model Company starts with. This is the most tangible one the customer can get – systems that are running out-of-the box with a full integration setup and working processes.

SAP Model Company - Preconfigured Solution

SAP Model Company comes with a ready-to-use appliance which contains a bundle of the latest SAP applications.

First release of the SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution includes:

  • SAP Transportation Management 9.4 including SAP SCM Optimizer and SAP TM Collaboration Portal.

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.4

  • SAP Event Management 9.2

  • SAP ERP Ehp 7

  • SAP S/4HANA 1610

All systems are integrated with each other.

SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA are integrated via SAP PI to SAP TM system. This appliance includes not only applications, it has pre-configured settings, business processes and sample master data. The picture below shows the appliance available with the SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution:

SAP TM and SAP EWM systems are the main focus systems containing core business content and cross integration processes, e.g. SAP TM with SAP EM/EWM/ERP/S/4HANA, etc. and SAP EWM with SAP ERP/S/4HANA, etc. Desired set of applications delivered within the SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution can vary depending on customer’s business requirements.

This appliance is stored in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library, and from the Cloud Appliance Library it can be transferred to the customer-owned cloud tenant or to the SAP-managed tenant in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud or deployed in the customer-owned on-premise system landscape.

The first version of the SAP Model Company for Logistics Execution service is officially released and ready for customers!

More information can be found here:

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