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We already had a well-functioning partner collaboration model for SAP Transportation Management in the past. We called it the TM Partner Office.

The objectives were, among others, to serve as a single point of contact for our partners for all TM-related issues, but also to expand the TM network - both internally and externally.

But times change. So do our solutions. SAP Transportation Management (TM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) are going hand-in-hand more than ever before.

For example, the new Advanced Shipping and Receiving uses a direct integration method that does away with the Transportation Unit (TU). In fact, one object for logistics processes, the SAP TM Freight Order, is now used.

What does this mean for our TM Partner Office, TM Partners and the established community?

It also requires a change.


Introducing SAP Logistics Partner Management

This year the SAP Product Management has established a new setup to support partner correlated queries for TM and EWM as well. We call it SAP Logistics Partner Success Management (PSM). The main goals for PSM as already defined by TM Partner Office - to offer a collaboration platform for our Logistics partners remain the same. In addition that the PSM has a wider focus. Under its umbrella SAP will roll out essential information to support our partners and customers on their Logistics journey - Landing pages have been offered via Blogs for Transportation Management and Extended Warehouse Management.

Furthermore the partners have own content sections in the Logistics Communities for Transportation Management and Extended Warehouse Management.




The PSM is led by Dr. Holger Wittmer from SAP Product Management and supported by colleagues from several organizations. Thus it allows us to handle both product and business related issues and concerns faced by our partners.


Some Goals of the PSM:

  • Serve as a single point of contact for our partners for all TM and EWM related product information queries.

  • Establish relationships with new and existing partners

  • Expand the SAP TM and EWM partner ecosystem and connect internal and external resources for pre-sales and project opportunities, events/conferences, etc.

  • Support Solution Acceptance Test  - e.g. involve selected TM Partners in Testing

  • Build trust and confidence in the product


The PSM does NOT:

  • Provide consulting services

  • Provide shortcuts to the ticketing process in case of incidents

  • Provide a forum to post/discuss consulting issues (please refer to the appropriate channel, e.g. SAP Transportation Management Community)

  • Provide partner/company recommendations to customers (we maintain neutrality with respect to all partners)



Partners are invited to join our regular acceptance testing cycles at the end of each development release.

If you’re interested in joining our TM Partner Community and/or require any TM/EWM related information, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!