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As you might be aware that SAP IoT, as a standalone Platform-as-a-Service, is being retired.   For those of you who are familiar with the technical architecture of SAP Asset Performance Management, you might be wondering what the impact is due to this retirement.

The good news is that there is no short-term impact to  SAP Asset Performance Management as SAP IoT is used as embedded capabilities.  Furthermore, our long-term strategy is to continue evolving and offering embedded IoT capabilities within SAP Asset Performance Management to support IoT-enabled condition monitoring and predictive/prescriptive maintenance use cases.   In the very near future, we will provide more details in a support note as well in detailed blogs about our longer-term IoT roadmap for SAP Asset Performance Management.

For our SAP Predictive Asset Insights customers, please rest assured that there is no short-term impact due to this SAP IoT retirement, and we will continue to support the product (with SAP IoT embedded capabilities) with your subscription.  As SAP Asset Performance Management becomes more function-rich with every release and a robust roadmap, we would like to encourage you to consider migrating your SAP Predictive Asset Insight subscription to SAP Asset Performance Management.  Please feel free to reach out to your account or services representative to get started on the process.
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