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*** UPDATE: Upcoming SAP webinar on IBP: See bottom of blog ***


SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) enables integrated planning and end-to-end visibility to the supply chain with real-time monitoring and analytics. As of mid March 2016, SAP HANA Integrated Business Planning rapid-deployment solution V2.61 is available as packaged offering: It connects all planning applications of SAP IBP to one integrated, end-to-end business planning process by leveraging the new unified planning area and provides pre-defined contents and services to kick-start every implementation.


Integrated End-to-End Business Planning Process


SAP HANA Integrated Business Planning rapid-deployment solution supports all your business planning on strategic, tactical, and operational levels in an integrated fashion. This is outlined in the following figure.



Figure 1: End-to-end business planning – integrated, aligned, holistic


On a strategic level, you align demand and supply review planning activities with sales and operations planning activities. Input for these activities is taken from external planning tools, e.g., the financial, marketing and sales plan, as well as from other IBP planning applications like the global demand plan and safety stock information. The output of this planning cycle is an executive approved final consensus demand. This plan is taken forward to the operational planning level: Here the global and local demand plans, the safety stock and the sensed demand are adjusted during the respective planning activities. The planning processes can run on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Note that selected planning figures, such as the final consensus demand, global demand, safety stock, and sensed demand can be exported to operational planning and execution systems for further processing (Figure 1, dotted line).

The Supply Chain Control Towers accompanies all these planning activities by providing visibility along all planning phases with real-time monitoring, analytics, alerting and exception management (Figure 1, box at top).


Processes Covered With This Rapid-Deployment Solution


To facilitate the implementation of the above mentioned SAP IBP scenario, this rapid-deployment solutions offers various pre-configured scope items or processes:


  • For sales and operations

  • For supply planning

  • For demand planning

  • For demand sensing

  • For inventory and

  • For the Supply Chain Control Tower


The scope items are designed in a way that they can be implemented standalone or in combination with other scope items. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you need to support your current planning activities. Once extended to all scope items, you can fully explore the power of integration because all scope items work on the same set of planning data – the unified planning area.


End-to-end Planning Experience Based on a Unified Planning Area


All processes shipped with this rapid-deployment solution centrally build on one unified planning area, which is integral part of the underlying SAP IBP application and the backbone of the planning process. The planning area gives you the flexibility to accommodate your planning activities to different time and data granularities: Whereas you may want to perform your sales and operations planning activities on a monthly basis for a combination of product family, customer, and region, your weekly demand planning activities may require a more granular level of planning for individual products per customer. In demand sensing, you typically schedule your planning activities on a daily basis. With the unified planning area in SAP IBP you get a set of reference attributes, master data, time profiles, planning levels, key figures, and versions preconfigured to cover the above mentioned use cases exposing you to a holistic planning experience.



Figure 2: SAP IBP application areas, unified planning area and rapid-deployment solution – a solid framework to implement and operate SAP Integrated Business Planning


Implementation Contents delivered With This Rapid-Deployment Solution


This solution comes with configuration guides and test scripts for the above mentioned scope items. Additionally, you may accelerate and facilitate your planning activities with the following contents:


  • Planning Views – Planning templates which can be launched from SAP IBP Microsoft Excel add-ons containing one or several worksheets for easy-to-use planning. You may view and adjust planning data, and even simulate planning results.

  • Dashboards – Web UI-based graphical representations of planning data, such as dashboards for the demand review featuring the consensus demand based on sales forecast and annual operating plan.

  • Process Management – Templates with status control guiding your through your planning activities in SAP IBP. Here you may indicate the progress of your individual planning activities, such as the completion rate for your reviews and meetings. Process Management requires integration into SAP JAM:

  • SAP JAM – The integration into a collaborative online platform which allows you to share planning updates with all stakeholders involved in the planning activities.

  • Sample Data CSV files populate your SAP IBP system with sample master and transactional data which help you to run a sample planning scenario.

  • Alerts – Alerts will be triggered based on predefined key figures and alert rules shipped with this solution. They may, for example, indicate capacity overload on your production facilities. Alerts are shown in your Microsoft Excel planning views or as custom alerts in the Alert Monitor, used for exception-based interaction.



Figure 3: Sample dashboard for S&OP supporting the demand review


The deployment of the implementation content come with a rapid-deployment solution service. It guides you through all major project implementation activities, including a kick-off workshop and installation check, the implementation and activation of the solution, process testing, knowledge transfer workshops to key users, as well as support for going live and post go-live.


Join the webinar: Getting Started SAP HANA Integrated Business Planning rapid-deployment solution
by SAP Product Management

  • Date: Friday, April 8, 2016

  • Time: 10 a.m. EST

  • Duration: 90 minutes

Register here



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  • Offline-demo showing the end-to-end integrated planning experience, which can be build and test-run with this rapid-deployment solution (requires logon to SAP Demo Store)