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Machine learning is currently all over, so it’s hard to not be exposed to this topic at conferences, in the news, or via blogs. But ever wondered what SAP IBP has to offer in this regard?
Yes? - Great, because in this quarter’s development news video, we put a special spotlight on machine learning as one of the key innovation areas of SAP IBP. Learn from our experts Raghav Jandhyala and Rainer Moritz why machine learning is important for supply chain planning, which great new innovations have made it into SAP Integrated Business Planning already and what’s in the pipeline.

With the 1811 release of IBP being available this week, we would like to highlight the 1811 innovation “Gradient boosting with decision trees” once again as an ensemble machine learning technique for regression and classification problems. We use it as a regression to create a prediction for us of future demands. As with other regression models it considers additional variables that explain the target variable, which is in our case the sales history.

But that is not the only key innovation – SAP IBP 1811 has much more to offer in all areas:

  • Automate the creation of S&OP processes that repeat regularly, with the new Manage Recurring Processesapp

  • Filter the data on the Planning Views in the IBP Excel Add-In based on key figure values with the new Value-based Filter.

  • Consider up to 8 downstream signals in Demand Sensingthat can contain additional information and help to improve forecast accuracy

  • Enhancements to the data realignment, such as deletion of planning objects

  • Actively manage how inventory operatorsconsume storage capacity constraint information

  • New time-series-based shelf life planning heuristic. It takes the shelf life of products into account when creating an infinite demand and supply plan with no shortages. Includes a new sample planning area, SAP4S.

  • Multiple modes of transportfor materials to be shipped in between locations for order-based planning

  • Mandatory filter parameter for both the copy and the disaggregation operator to force users to use a filter when running the operators.

  • The new Key Figure Calculations appis now available to visualize and analyze complete calculation graphs of key figures

  • Create support incidents and customer influence requests directly from the IBP WebUI using the SAP CoPilot

  • New System Monitoringcard “Time Series Statistics” to track the growth of your data in the system

Want to know more? This quarter’s “Meet our experts: What’s New Webinar” took place on October 30 already. You can find the recording and slides here.

Sneak Previews:
By the way, we have changed pace with the 1811 release. From now on, you will already find a sneak preview of the upcoming release on the page – weeks before the release date!
And on top, we will in future also offer our meet the expert what’s new webinars before the release date.

A summary of all recent and upcoming events and webinars around SAP Integrated Business Planning, including the recordings and slides can be found on our Wiki.

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