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When Intelligent User Assistance Becomes Reality

Out with the old and in with the new, as many like to say! Isn’t that why your company chose to implement SAP’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution to digitally transform its business processes? Practicing new skills is a part of our daily job routines, and our software solutions provide easier training methods by blending interactive content with step-by-step instructions online. This way users can apply their new skills while learning on the job. Considering education is so important for industry professionals, we have a new technology we would like to introduce to you: SAP IBP Intelligent User Assistance with SAP Enable Now.

What is SAP Enable Now?

SAP Enable Now is an end-to-end solution designed to create, manage, and deliver documentation content, learning material, and performance support to end-users. Enable Now helps improve productivity, user adoption, and consumption by advancing the overall end-user experience. This application will help you adopt your IBP solution and improve the efficiency of other SAP products that your enterprises might be leveraging. It will help reduce learning curves in a timely manner with proactive enablement content, and your company will be provided with the knowledge it needs to succeed with the use of these advanced capabilities.

What Content Types are Provided?

The framework contains e-learning courses, interactive demos, manuals, process documentations, context-sensitive in-app content delivery, guidance, and practice assessments. All of which are integrated in cloud solutions from SAP, and are provided in 3 different components:

  • Formal Training: instructor-led trainings and LMS-based online courses

  • Informal Training: self-directed learning material and sharing of knowledge

  • Performance Support: process guidance of micro-knowledge within the app

The best part of Enable Now is that the app utilizes real-life examples for learning purposes and the training materials are always up to date.

Usage Scenarios to Consider

With an application this advanced, many use-case scenarios went into consideration when this resource was being made, such as:

  • Corporate Change Management: ensure employee readiness as of day one of the change

  • User Onboarding: new employees can be productive as early as possible with access to all knowledge required for their job

  • Increasing User Productivity: ensure benefits and return-on-investment by increasing user adoption

  • Employee Empowerment: compliance, IT and soft-skill trainings, high knowledge retention and more

  • Hypercare Support After Software Rollouts: minimize the risks for company-wide software rollouts with temporary external support personnel for your employees

Take a moment to learn more about Intelligent User Assistance for SAP IBP with SAP Enable now by viewing this webinar: PDF | Recording FAQ

Additional general information on SAP Enable Now: Community Page , Product Page

Get ready to make change work and make intelligent user assistance your new reality!

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