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Inspiring and Compelling Success via YouTube

The latest video updates for SAP IBP, for example release news, you can find on the SAP Supply Chain Planning YouTube Channel.

Ever wonder what others are doing with their SAP IBP solution to help their respective business achieve success? Or how they are transforming their insights into actions? Perhaps, you’re at a crossroad on just how to use the resources provided to blast your business to new heights. If that is this case, check out our compiled SAP IBP Customer Overview & Customer Stories YouTube playlist, which will show you how customers became more agile using SAP IBP.

The playlist consists of 16 videos. Provided are overviews of SAP IBP and its applications, and inspiring customer success stories. Examples are as follows:

  • SAP IBP Powered by SAP HANA - Solution Overview
    This solution enables companies to be more agile in sales and operations, demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply responses. Business processes must successfully manage complexity and remain resilient in trying supply chain times. Start with learning the basics of growth, connectivity, and dynamism.

  • Collaborative End to End Supply Chain Planning with Integration of Finance and Customer Experience Data
    Increased efficiency in planning occurs with a connected and customer-centric Supply Chain. Learn how to form a customer-centric Supply Chain by analyzing operational and experiential data. Remember that Financial Planning and Supply Chain Planning combined with customer feedback exhibits a higher success rate, by adhering to financial targets and responding adequately to customer orders.

  • Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration & SAP IBP live at Microsoft
    Microsoft executives will discuss how both SAP solutions improve supplier onboarding times, reduce inventory and working capital, and help supply chains gain visibility into inventory status and locations. Also learn about roadmaps which include advanced analytics through AI and Blockchain to create sensible supply chains.

  • Take Off with SAP Best Practices for SAP IBP
    Here you will find out what is in it for YOU. Discover how you can achieve faster deployment in a simple and flexible manner. This solution is a data model which enables you to execute end-to-end business processes, and this video will show you the best way to do so.

But wait, there’s more!

We also offer the SAP IBP eBook that will take you on an informative journey and show you how to plan easier, faster, and smarter. This practical e-time shows, among other things, how customers have capitalized on machine learning capabilities for their historical demand data – overall, expanding on how customers have raised the bar for forecasting accuracy and operations using the SAP IBP solution as a key business component.

The SAP IBP eBook will show how you can:

  • Leverage SAP solutions, to enable new end-to-end business processes, models, and revenue streams.

  • Synchronize your planning processes by breaking down planning silos through connective and integrative processes for plans.

  • Strategically and tactically, leverage end-to-end visibility across siloed or external data at an operational level.

  • Create and react faster to provide business changes through complete integration.

This e-book takes a deep look into how SAP has successfully transformed customer companies within 11 different industries, such as Agribusiness, Consumer Products, Healthcare, High Tech, Retail, and more.

Right now, you can discover how your business can successfully design, plan, manufacture, deliver, and operate by using the SAP IBP YouTube playlist and the SAP IBP e-Book, both of which will help you navigate the entire digital supply chain process!

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