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The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application enables companies to optimize warehouse and distribution operations. By combining state-of-the-art optimization techniques with the overall end-to-end process of logistics and fulfillment, SAP Extended Warehouse Management solves logistics problems. With SAP EWM, your operations can better optimize resources and assets, support on-demand and planned cross-docking, and manage the workforce, accelerate fulfillment by optimizing inbound and outbound processing, deliver shipments on time by coordinating picking, packing, staging, and loading operations. Your warehouse can be automated by integrating material handling equipment and data collection devices. Your shipping times can be reduced by cross-docking and your service-levels increased by value-added services and returns handling.


What's New in EWM 1809?


High level overview video:Apart from the general enhancements in all areas such as performance, configuration, there are 3 key topics regarding enhancements in usability, integration and simplification that you can view summarized in this 3 min. video interview with Jörg Michaelis, Chief Product Owner for SAP EWM:

Three major highlights: Usability, Integration, Simplification:



To improve the usability more SAP Fiori Apps were provided in the 1809 release.


Count Physical Inventory

  • With this app, you can efficiently capture physical inventory (PI) count results. You can use this app to improve your customer satisfaction through a simplified and user-friendly user interface, quick recording of PI count results, fewer human errors, and configurable printout layouts.


Pack Outbound Deliveries

  • With this app, you can quickly pack products for outbound deliveries. You can pack outbound deliveries using either advanced mode or basic mode. You can manage shipping handling units, configure favorite packaging materials, and pack serial number and batch managed products in the advanced mode. Besides, you can also use asynchronous packing and access codes to improve the packing efficiency.


Integration of Warehouse Product into Manage Product Master App

  • This feature enables you to maintain warehouse-related data of product master data in the Manage Product Master app.

Synchronous Goods Movements

  • This feature enables you to allow a synchronous call of the goods movement interface in Inventory Management.

  • Synchronous updates allow you to monitor possible errors occurring on Inventory Management side immediately. This enables you to correct data entry or settings before the actual posting of the goods movement

Stock Type Enhancements

  • This feature enables you to define a stock type description at warehouse level, so that you can enter information about the plant or storage location in the text.


Reuse of the LE Delivery Number in Warehouse Requests

  • With this feature you can choose to use the LE delivery number as the document number in warehouse requests in SAP EWM. You can activate this feature per document type for the document categories inbound deliveries, outbound deliveries, outbound delivery orders, and posting changes



Change Documents for Storage Bins

  • With this feature, you can track changes to the storage bin master data per warehouse. The change document records data such as the change date and time, the user who made the change, and the value of a field before the change. The system creates a change document for a storage bin in the situations when you made a change to the master data of a storage bin or the system blocked a storage bin, for example, for a putaway warehouse task


ABC Analysis

  • This feature enables you to run an ABC analysis on products in your warehouse based on confirmed warehouse tasks. The ABC analysis allows you to update the putaway strategy of the affected products based on the ABC classification


Enhancements to the Warehouse Management Monitor

  • With this feature, you can perform several warehouse tasks and stock-related actions directly in the warehouse management monitor.


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