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In this blog, we will unpack,the transfer of additional Non EWM fields or custom fields from ERP Material Master ( MM01 ) to EWM Product Master (/SCWM/MAT1).

This topic is divided into 2 parts. In this Blog ( Part 1 ), we will explore how to enhance the /SCWM/MAT1 transaction. Next part(2) will see the backend programming part to enrich the data into this fields.

  1. Enter transaction EEWB and Create Project in EWM system 

  2. Create Enhancement in the Project Created in Step 1.

Create Enhancement

3. Start Enhancement Wizard, by right click, Select the Subscreen ( from /SCWM/MAT1 tab) on which new fields has to be enhanced.


4. Enter the (New Custom) Fields, that needs to be Displayed over the screen.

Fields to be Displayed


5. Confirm the Subobject ( System prompts the table that needs to Enhance )


As a result of the above Enhancement of UI, system will create the following objects in backend.

  1. a Sub Screen (dynpro) to Display on the UI

  2. A Program (dynpro) that hold  the screen and PAI and PBO of the Screen Created.

  3. Domain and Data Elements of the objects that are created on UI.

  4. A Structure that hold all the UI Data elements created above.

Doman, Data Element and Structure


The Output of the above enhancement would look like below

Screen Enhanced on  /SCWM/MAT1

Backend Table which stores the data got enhanced

In this part we have covered, on how to enhance additional field on /SCWM/MAT1 transaction and also what are the additional technical objects that got created while enhancing the UI.


In the next blog ( Part 2)  we will see, how to enrich the data into this custom enhancement while transferring data from S4 or while saving on Transaction.