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Leverage New Configuration Content for Advanced Production Integration Functionality and an Interface for Shipping Processing with the Shipping Cockpit



Customers can now look forward to guided implementation content and a matching implementation service for their SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) with the latest version of SAP EWM rapid deployment solution V6.93.


What is new with the latest release?

With the package having undergone a technical upgrade, you can now run your solution on SAP EWM version 9.3.


Content-wise, customers can benefit from a preconfigured new scope item: Production Integration – Component Consumption and Receipt from Production. This new business process supports the advanced production integration functionality. Performing this process, you stage and consume products based on the manufacturing order from SAP ERP system and receive finished products from production into your warehouse in the SAP EWM system, fully RF/mobile enabled.


Added to that, all outbound process documents are enhanced to support the Shipping Cockpit (SCO) functionality to manage transportation units (TUs). The SCO provides a user-centric UI for the shipping office clerk to plan shipping activities, execute own tasks, and monitor outbound operations in the warehouse. It supports the shipping office clerk in his daily work, making the processing of deliveries and TUs more efficient, such as mass processing, combined actions and asynchronous updates.


The SCO is used in the following processes for TU handling:

  • Outbound to Customer from Narrow Aisle Storage / Mezzanine

  • Outbound to Customer from High Rack (with Pick Point)

  • Outbound of Batch-Managed Products to Customer

  • Outbound to Customer from Bulk Storage



Figure 1: Shipping cockpit for the shipping office clerk


As an alternative, the SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution still supports the classic TU transaction and its handling procedure. The information on this “traditional” path of use remains in the appendix of the above mentioned processes’ test scripts.

Like in the previous version, system texts and country-specific configuration contents are available based on the SAP ERP Best Practices US baseline and have been translated into: German, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian.


Process scope covered

Below you find a graphic indicating which of the processes in SAP EWM are covered with the new version of the SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution.



Figure 2: Business processes covered in SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution V6.93



More information

For more information on this rapid-deployment solution, visit us on:

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