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Data Inconsistencies can occur in different forms in a system that can block the business processing. In this post I'd like to focus on one particular type of inconsistency occurring in EWM - the missing and superfluous document flow, which can affect both inbound and outbound processes.

Most of the the statuses of the delivery items are calculated from different quantity types and those quantities are determined from the document flow links. For example, the confirmation of a stock-removal warehouse task will update the outbound delivery order item with PCA (Picking) links. Such PCA links are used to determine the value of the PI EXEC (Executed Picking) quantity that is required for the proper calculation of the DPI (Picking) status. If such PCA link is missing from the item after stock removal then the DPI status will not be completed, you can't create the Outbound Delivery document and post goods issue. Another type of this inconsistency is the existence of extra (superfluous) links - for example a picking link is duplicated on the ODO item. The unexpected surplus quantities can cause overloaded or overpicked items for example.

In short, if there is any issue with the document flow then the item statuses will not reflect the real-world status anymore and you get blocked with the process.

Thanks to the recent improvements it is possible now to detect and correct such inconsistencies without opening a new OSS case and wait for SAP experts for the correction. If you watch the following video then you will learn how you can use the Check Monitor tool to detect and correct this kind of inconsistency.

Important: This Check Monitor feature is not available in EWM version 7.02 and below.


If you want to know more about the possibilities of the Check Monitor Framework in general then I recommend you reading the blogpost Overview of the SAP EWM Check Monitor and watching the following video.

If you are interested in Warehouse Order related checks of the Framework then I recommend you checking this blogpost.


In case of any questions feel free to respond to this post.