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How the digital assistant can help you master the complex world of transportation.

CoPilot is set to make enterprise tasks easier. This article depicts how the digital assistant helps Transportation Management users.

What is CoPilot?

CoPilot is the first true digital assistant enabling natural interaction by voice or chat. Usable on mobile and desktop devices.

Digital assistants are already part of many people's daily private life. SAP CoPilot brings these features to the business world. Save clicks and time by getting your questions answered by your enterprise assistant.  Additionally, the integrated chat feature enables users to easily share content of the SAP system with colleagues via screenshots or direct links to business objects.

Why do you need CoPilot for Transportation Management?

Transportation Management is an SAP system, which offers huge functionality. CoPilot can help you interact more natural with the system and save your dedicated time. Just have a look at the screenshots below. The left screenshot shows a query for freight units departing on a specific date. The right one depicts a read intent on the utilization attribute of a freight order. With its direct integration in the Fiori user interface CoPilot results can be viewed in the corresponding app with just one click.

How does SAP CoPilot work from a technical point of view?

SAP’s digital assistant uses natural language processing. One can add capabilities for a specific scenario, in our case TM, by creating new skills. Within SAP CoPilot framework specific skills are built with help of the SAP CoPilot Skill Builder. These skills are based on CDS-views and created for the different intents: Read, query, create and update. You select some importing attributes and edit the response visualization. Moreover, you can add a variety of follow-up actions. More and more skills are making CoPilot even smarter.

What are the next steps?

As we are still on our development journey for this feature you are more than welcome to proclaim your interest, forward your questions and ideas to us.

If you like to have more information about SAP CoPilot for TM we are happy to talk to you in person or send you a presentation with more use cases and demo videos. Hence, we designed a questionnaire for clients to find out the most useful capabilities for them. Within our next steps we want to add additional skills and make CoPilot for TM market ready. Just comment in the section below till the end of April, leave some contact information and we will reach out to you.