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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog post provides an overview of key innovations in the 2302 release of SAP Business Network for Logistics. It is intended for customers and partners, sales and presales colleagues who already have a detailed understanding of SAP Business Network for Logistics.

Let me share some of the key highlights.

SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration

Enhanced support of international standards

Collaboration with carriers is supported via our standard APIs and Web UIs. However, some carriers prefer to collaborate following ANSI X12 EDI standards or UN/EDIFACT. With this release we extended our support of these standards:

  • EDI 997 (ANSI X12) can now be implemented, acknowledging that an EDI message has been transferred successfully. Please note that this currently only acknowledges incoming messages i.e. EDI 990, 210 and 214.

  • IFTMBC (UN/EDIFACT) as a response to a freight order

In the graphic below, you get an overview of currently supported UN/EDIFACT and ANSI X12 documents. For more details on implementing these standards, please refer to our integration guides on SAP Help Portal.

Invoice tolerances for document header level

So far, tolerance could only be specified on charge item level. Now, shippers can define tolerances for disputes at header level, too. In the ‘General Settings’ app under the ‘Define Tolerance Groups’ tab, tolerance ranges may be defined for the total document amount proposed.


Respectively in the ‘Manage Disputes’ app, tolerance levels will be indicated on item as well as header level.


New tab to view freight documents awaiting ordering’s party response

In the ‘Invoice Freight Documents’ app, there is an additional tab ‘Awaiting Ordering’s Party Response’ to view a list of freight documents that are yet to be responded to by the ordering party. This helps carriers manage their invoices more efficiently.

SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

Horizon theme launched

SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace has been updated to a new UI5 version and now comes with the new ‘Horizon’ layout theme.


‘Created by’ field added to the event details page

When reporting an event through the standard applications, you can now distinguish between the reporting person and the person who created the event. The new ‘Created by’ field is filled by default with the log-on user email account.



Enablement of ANSI X12 EDI 213 and EDI 214

Data contributors can now send events to solution owners in the EDI message format. Relevant configuration needs to be set in the ‘System Connection’ app. The following documents are available:

  • How to Integrate with SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace (ANSI X12)

  • Message Implementation Guideline (ASNI X12 213)

  • Message Implementation Guideline (ASNI X12 214)

Please refer to the implementation guides on SAP Help Portal for more details.


A full overview of the 2302 release items can be found under the following link.

The above summarizes the key innovations for 2302. We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in this release. Thanks for reading the blog post and stay tuned!

To learn more about SAP Business Network for Logistics visit SAP - Business Network for Logistics.

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Business Network for Logistics.