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This blog gives an overview of all new features and developments of the SAP Asset Intelligence Network in its 1610 release. Please refer to this for further documentation.
Our recent release included several improvements and changes in the following areas:

  • New applications

  • Enhancement of current applications

  • Admin applications

  • Integration services

Applications - New

Our current offering of applications were extended by the following applications:

Spare Parts

'Spare Parts' is a new application for maintaining available spare parts in your inventory

  • Details including manufacturing information, dimensions, quantity and shelf life

  • If a spare part is needed it can be assigned to the corresponding model on the network

  • External APIs for Spare Parts to create, delete and update spare parts

Personal Dashboard

'Personal Dashboard' is a new one page application that displays the following content:

  • All Applications

  • Favorite items

  • Frequently viewed objects

  • Unread announcements

Applications - Enhanced

Following enhancements were made on our current offering of applications:

Model Predecessor / Successor

On the Equipment page, you can also find information about the equipment's previous and latest model - in addition to the current model.

Lean equipment (no model)

  • Possibility to create an equipment that's not based on a model

External IDs (Global AIN ID, instructions etc.)

UI improvements

  • Equipment Overview page

Admin Applications

Following Admin applications were added to our current offering of applications:

Enhanced Sharing & Authorization

  • A user can share business objects from the respective business object pages:

    • Templates

    • Models

    • Equipment

    • Locations

    • Documents

    • Announcements

    • Instructions

    • Spare Parts

  • A user can grant read or write privileges to a group based on an individual object

Application Settings

'Application Settings' is a new application that contains the following functions:

  • Uploading invitee user information for premium account holders while providing access privileges

  • Integrate AIN in other systems (For example: C4S, SAP ERP)

  • Setting the size limit for document upload

  • Creating "Extensions" for the Models or Equipment application that suit specific business needs

Integration Services

Furthermore, we were successful in integrating AIN into other services.

  • SAP PdMS Cloud Edition integration

  • SAP EAM integration

  • SAP HCP IoT integration

  • C4S integration

SAP PdMS Cloud edition integration

AIN can now be connected to SAP Predictive Maintenance Services via HANA Cloud Integration.

Customers can map equipments, measuring points and sensors in AIN against machines and measuring points in PdMS. Measuring points in AIN are used to display PdMS sensor information.

In order to have a closer observation the sensor data is shown graphically and can be exported to Excel or provided through APIs.

SAP EAM integration

  • Enhancements to model matching and sidepanel

  • Creation of an AIN Equipment from an EAM Equipment (with or without MDG)

  • Creation of an EAM Equipment from AIN models (with or without MDG)

For an immediate start with SAP Plant Maintenance there are only manufacturer and model information of the operator's equipment required. Additionally, the sidepanel in EAM was extended by the Announcements and Instructions section of an AIN model. An operator is now able to view AIN model details about an existing EAM equipment, functional location, work order or notification in order to see the latest model details (i.e. documents).

SAP C4S integration

  • Customer can create service request directly on the equipment level

  • If the collaboration is in place the manufacturer can apply this on their customer's equipment to fulfill service agreements and increase uptime as well as customer satisfaction

  • Create tickets

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