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This blog post provides an overview of key innovations in the 2108 Release of SAP Asset Intelligence Network. On August 23, 2021, we released exciting new SAP Asset Intelligence Network innovations for our customers.

Let me share some of the key highlights from the SAP Asset Intelligence Network 2108 Release:-

Latest Innovations – Collaborative Maintenance and Service

Integration with SAP Fieldglass

  • Display SoW (Statement of Works) details associated with a particular work order header and operation .

  • Display the worker details associated with a particular work order header and operation via SoW.

  • Unidirectional navigation from AIN to SAP Fieldglass for SoW and worker details.

Integration with SAP Spatial Cloud Services

  • Display contextual geographical information of the work order and operations in a map view.

  • Geospatial coordinates can be maintained for an owned work order header and operation.

New application for Notifications 

  • A dedicated app for notifications for information owned and shared with a particular organisation.

  • List page supports the search, filter operations on the notification data.

  • Notifications can be shared with read/write privileges and with grant to share.

  • Along with a notification its associated objects (i.e. equipment, location, failure modes, instructions and documents) can also be shared.

  • User can create notifications for shared objects (i.e. equipment and functional locations).


Work Orders Enhancements

  • Work order sharing functionality is enhanced so that specific operations can also be shared now with edit & grant privileges.

  • Along with the work order, its associated notifications and documents can also be shared.

  • Work Order Header object page displays the model of the associated equipment.


Multi Order Management enhancements

  • Multi Order Management is enhanced with the following sections

    • Equipment

    • Functional locations

    • People

    • Statement of Works

    • Documents


Documents for Work Orders and Notifications 

  • Documents can be attached to work order header and operation as well as to notification header and item via APIs.

  • Work order header and operation object pages have been enhanced to display the associated documents.

  • Kafka events are raised for work orders and notifications when documents are assigned or removed.

Latest Innovations – Enterprise Readiness

Mass Data Export 

  • On request, AIN shares data in ZIP files for the following objects like Models, Templates, Documents etc.

Client Refresh for Models

  • Allows deletion of tenant data for models, in addition to equipment and locations.

  • When we select model refresh, equipment created out of unshared models are deleted 

  • With this development now the following objects can be deleted in the test/dev tenants

    • Equipment

    • Locations

    • Models


Enhanced ERP Integration 

  • Purchase Order & Control Key information associated with a work order operation is replicated to AIN.

  • Times associated with the date fields of the work orders are replicated to AIN.

  • Initial data upload of ECC/S4's plant, work center, planner group, sales organisation data into AIN.


UI Flexibility configuration for Work order and Notifications 

  • Provide easy UI configuration for key users for notification and work order applications.

  • Easily Show / hide / arrange fields and sections on existing UI.

  • Add / manage custom fields and add / adapt reports and forms.


Elastic Search Enhancements

  • Allow the creation of model request from equipment search app.

  • Data export to excel feature is enabled for equipment search app.

  • Model search APIs are enhanced so that the search can be performed by code list values and these APIs can support sort functionality as well.

IoT Sync for shared objects

  • Shared Equipment can now be onboarded by Business Partners to their IoT landscape.

  • Single Equipment shared with multiple business partners can be onboarded  only once by one of the Business Partners IoT account.

  • IoT sync configurations would be disabled for other Business Partners.


Workflow event for Functional Location

  • Manage Workflow app supports configuration for workflow triggers on the following Functional location events.

    • Create

    • Publish

    • Revision

    • Delete


Industry Standard for Nested Structures

  • Nested structure can be configured with Industry Standard meta data either while creating the object or update.

  • It is also possible to filter the Nested Structures based on Industry Standard on list page.


Detailed information could be found in the following link.

The above summarizes the key innovations for 2108 ,We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in this release .Thanks for reading the blog post and Stay tuned! To learn more about SAP Asset Intelligence Network visit asset-intelligence-network

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Asset Intelligence Network.