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In this blog post I would like to give a description of Radio Frequency(RF) Logging in SAP EWM. The requirement to maintain the protocols of user activities on mobile devices existed for a long time and before it required enhancements and own design definition. Since a release SAP S/4 HANA 2020 the functionality is available in SAP EWM standard and can be easily deployed out of box. There are just a few prerequisites to begin using the logging. The activation of logging can be flexibly configured for the specific resources, users, queues, or even logical transactions. The function distinguishes a logging depending on input mode, whether it is Voice Input or Regular Data Entry. A new Warehouse Monitor node has been introduced to review and analyze the activities with various filters and configurable layouts.


RF Logging is aimed to help with the analysis of the following key problems:

  • Tracing and handling of errors e.g., at task confirmation

  • Recurring errors in validation of labels e.g., for storage bins

  • Tracking the user navigation in RF menu, including the usage of specific buttons

  • Checking the correctness of usage of exception codes

  • The other activities executed on RF, including the activities in customer enhancements

RF Logging

The log is represented by a new node in Warehouse Monitor (transaction /SCWM/MON, node Resource Management → RF Log). On the selection screen you can filter according to the required parameters:

Selection Screen

After selection the following information appears on the screen:

RF Log

The report fields to be displayed:

  • Resource

  • Start/End Time

  • Log Activity

  • User

  • RF-Transaction

  • RF-Step

  • Message

  • Exception Code

  • Reference Object

The following Log Activities are recorded and can be used for sorting/filtering the data:

  • A         RF Logon Step

  • B         RF Logoff Step

  • C         RF Transaction Start

  • D         RF Transaction End

  • E         RF Menu Selection

  • F         RF Message

  • G         RF Function Code Trigger

  • H         RF Validation

  • I          RF Screen Call

  • J          RF Step Flow Call

  • K         RF Exception Trigger

  • L         RF Field Input


Transaction /SCWM/RFLOGACT in Easy Access Menu: Extended Warehouse Management -> Settings -> Resource Management → Activate Radio Frequency Log.

The deletion of old logs can be executed via the report /SCWM/R_RF_LOG_DELETE in foreground or planned on a regular basis as a background job:

Additional Information

  • For the customer specific requirements please consider Badi /SCWM/EX_RF_LOGGING.

  • The functionality is not aimed to help with performance measurement. To get the details on that topic please check SAP Note 1595305 - Measuring runtimes for RF devices in SAP EWM

Links and references

SAP Help:

Blog Post:

Q&A Page:

EWM Community:


This blog post has been written based on my personal investigations in the area of Radio Frequency Logging and configured in a test system. All the captured screenshots and presented pictures serve only for demo purposes and may defer in your productive environment.If you still have questions please do not hesitate to write them in the comment area below or on SCM community Page (see the link Q&A). Please also check EWM Community page for the latest information about SAP EWM.

Your feedback would be very much appreciated. Good Luck!