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Today, I would like to highlight a solution coming from our SAP Consulting Digital Supply Chain, the service for Real-time locating system for SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are gaining more relevance for industrial usage as more solutions are ready for the market. Due to insufficient signal reception conventional, satellite-based solutions cannot determine positions for objects within buildings. Therefore, intralogistics processes can benefit from the ongoing trend of digitalization by leveraging the potentials of RTLS.

With the integration of RTLS into SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), it is possible to boost business processes directly in SAP’s warehouse management system.

Motivation and Scope

The service for Real-time locating system for SAP EWM is offered to provide relevant information for the usage of RTLS with intralogistics processes and includes a flexible, ready-to-use process integration into EWM processes:

  • Customer Workshop provides an overview about RTLS technologies, intralogistics use cases, architecture for integration into SAP and realized implementations

  • Live demo showcase gives a hands-on experience in the production supply process via route trains

  • Implementation of a RTLS interface for SAP EWM in the customer system landscape including documentation, extensibility options and post implementation support


The main objective of the process integration into SAP EWM is the easy extensibility and flexibility. Hence the RTLS interface provides three basic tables for all relevant settings directly in EWM:

  • Mapping of RTLS zones (e.g. storage bin)

  • Mapping of RTLS objects (e.g. resource, HU)

  • EWM business actions (e.g. warehouse task confirmation, tour status update)

Technical Architecture

  • EWM in SAP S/4HANA decentralized/embedded or NetWeaver 7.5 and above

  • The RTLS interface for EWM utilizes OData services for the connection to RTLS platforms via SAP Cloud Platform or on-premise

Key Benefits

The service Real-time locating system for SAP EWM offers a workshop to identify customer specific use cases. The following examples provide some idea about key benefits of leveraging the RTLS technology for intralogistics processes:

  • Automation of system postings – e.g. substitute manual scanning process steps with RF devices

  • Replenishment control – e.g. an empty box at the production line triggers the replenishment automatically

  • Production control for supply bottlenecks – e.g. dynamic adjustment of production plans

  • Actual/target comparison of processing times – e.g. calculation of travel distances

  • Activity analysis of historical data – e.g. route optimization with heatmaps

Supported Scenario

As a hands-on experience the service includes an example integration in the production supply process with route trains provided by the new SAP S/4HANA for manufacturing logistics. This video provides insight into the process integration with RTLS from INTRANAV:

Integration into additional processes can be realized based on customer specific requirements.

Service Outlook

The service is already available to our customers. New functionality will be added in the future considering requirements from customers.

If you have more questions regarding this topic, please contact:

Additional Information

This service is offered as an add-on to enhance the SAP EWM solution. You can find this add-on as part of the Consulting Solution “Enhancement Service for SAP EWM”, which you can find in our Services and Support catalogue by accessing the following link:

Services & Support Catalog – Enhancement Services for SAP EWM.

Further details can be found in SAP note 2943286.

For more information about SAP Extended Warehouse Management, please follow us on social media, our YouTube channel or our community pages:

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