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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In the previous blogs I provided an overview on the portfolio and on selected offerings on rapid-deployment solutions for demand driven supply chain. All these offerings may sound look like a Chinese menu to you. – So the question comes up:
Where do I start?
In general you may start with any SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Supply Chain – depending on your most urgent business requirements.
You may then incrementally grow your supporting SAP SCM solution portfolio by subsequently implementing these packages, since they build on each other.
Many organizations start with a core solution and grow, extend and innovate, as illustrated, here. That is because you can deploy an initial solution, quickly, realize the value, and expand by adding functionality or a completely different RDS to increase the power of your supply chain management efforts.


SAP’s “Start-and-grow” implementation approach with SAP Supply Chain Rapid-deployment Solutions
Each solution deploys and delivers value to you business within a quarter, not a year. As you consider taking this path to adopting SAP’s best practices in supply chain deployments, you can develop individualized roadmaps aligned to your business needs.
For example, you can get started with one area of functionality, perhaps with the SAP Demand Planning rapid-deployment solution. After this initial package implementation, you can then look further out to make other improvements … you may want to extend mid-term supply planning using SAP Supply Network Planning rapid-deployment solution or short-term detailed planning with SAP Advanced Production Scheduling rapid-deployment solution.

Likewise you may also consider deploying several rapid-deployment solutions in a combined implementation approach, as the case for Bonfiglioli. In an Assemble-to-order approach customers can combine multiple rapid-deployment solutions in one implementation. Engineered services, rapid data migrations, and custom development for dedicated scope enhancements can help to fine-tune the solution so that it ultimately fits the customer’s scope.

Assemble-to-order project – combine different rapid-deployment solutions, services, and customer enhancements into one implementation project
No matter which option you choose, the nature of the rapid-deployment solutions lies in giving you a head start in software evaluation and implementation at a fix scope, fix price, and fix timeline.


Where to find more information
RDS Service Marketplace
Access the most comprehensive source of information to explore and deploy each rapid-deployment solution.
TIP: Find SCM solutions in folder section „Supply Chain and Procurement“. Detailed product specifications are available in sub section „Solution Discovery“.
RDS on SAP Community Network
View latest discussions, announcements, and deep dives on selected rapid-deployment solution topics.
TIP: Check the “Contents” tab and filter on supply chain related keywords.
SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in SAP Community Network
SAP Solution Explorer
Gain a quick solution overview of SAP’s solution portfolio, including SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.
TIP: Check category “Responsibility - > Supply Chain Management”.


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A personal note: I would like to thank you for following me on this journey on RDS for demand driven supply chains. Special thanks go to all readers who responded and contributed to any of these blogs. I hope, you find this information both useful and benefitial to your own business.


Kind regards,

Doreen Baseler, Lead of cluster rollout for SAP SCM Rapid Deployment solutions

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