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PPDS : Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling


Introduction to PPDS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling) 


Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling(PPDS) on SAP S/4HANA is the product running on SAP S/4HANA.  Production planning and detailed scheduling is a tool in APO(Advanced Planning and Optimization) which takes care of planning and scheduling considering the capacities of various resources.




Production scheduling Board app is the reflection of /SAPAPO/CDPS0 transaction in the SAPGUI. Unlike the traditional scheduling board which we have in the SAPGUI, this FIORI app has a limited and most important features. This was developed and is available from 1610 release of S4HANA.

The main advantages of this app are

  1. Easy to use

  2. Browser application(which means access from anywhere and any device)

  3. Look and feel factor are good

  4. UI 5 based app

Once, the app is configured for your landscape you can use it for the following purposes.

  1. Display the operations of a resource(s)

  2. Create an order

  3. Delete an order

  4. Change source of supply

  5. Run the standard heuristics

  6. Display the overload of the resource

  7. Stretch or shrink an operation and so on


So, basically you can perform almost all the activities that you can perform in the production scheduling board in the SAPGUI but with certain limitations.


Let me run you through how does the app look like and its features.


  1. Here is a screenshot of the app

  1. Now, this is how a resource and its operation would like

  1. Once you make any changes to your resource, you can either save it to a simulation version or create a new simulation version or adopt it to your active version. These details are shown at the right bottom of the page.

  2. You can also view the logs.

  3. Resource utilization can be viewed by clicking on “Show Utilization” button and it would be displayed as below.

  1. One can create a variant in order to save the settings made in the form of personalization where resource, columns to be displayed and other things can be set.

  2. Information view of an order/operation would be displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

As a whole, it would be an easy to use app for the planner so that he could have a great view of more than one resource, check for its utilization, reschedule or fix them on requirement basis.

8. You can also display the relevant alerts based on the application profile which in turn has the PPDS Alert Profile.