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With EM 9.2 SP06 new activity type "Post Processing Activity" gets introduced. Please check out this document for details: New type of activities introduced in SAP EM 9.2: Post Processing Activities

The first post processing activity available in the standard is available as well with SP06. The activity TM_UPDATE_EXEC can be used in combination with the standard rule set activity TM_MAINTAIN_EXEC_INF, which can be used to propagate event messages to SAP TM.

So far a single RFC call to SAP TM has been triggered for each event message for which the rule set activity TM_MAINTAIN_EXEC_INF has been executed. Therefore, if 1000 event messages get processed together in one LUW in SAP EM and all these event messages shall be propagated to SAP TM, this would result in 1000 single RFC calls. Of course, this is not very desirable regarding the number of processes that need to be executed in SAP TM.

By leveraging the new concept of post processing activities in SAP EM the same can be achieved with one single RFC call to SAP TM. The following steps have to be done in the customizing to get this done:

  • Post processing activity TM_UPDATE_EXEC has to be assigned to the rule set for which it shall be used:


  • Each usage of rule set activity TM_MAINTAIN_EXEC_INF in this rule set has to be adapted by setting the new activity parameter POST_PROC_ACT = 'X'


This has the effect that the RFC to SAP TM is no longer triggered for each event message by TM_MAINTAIN_EXEC_INF, but the data needed to do the call is collected in table GT_TOR_ACTUAL_EM_DATA of function group /SAPTRX/ACT_TMS_PAT. After all event messages are processed and rule set processing is finished, the post processing activity TM_UPDATE_EXEC is executed once and all the collected event message propagations are done in one single RFC call of FM /SCMTMS/EXECINFO_PROCESS.

The SP06 of SAP EM 9.2 is planned to be released on 19th of July 2016. For those who can't wait until then, note 2285101 can be implemented alternatively. In addition, the notes needed for the new activity type have to implemented then (see New type of activities introduced in SAP EM 9.2: Post Processing Activities).

In SAP TM (all releases are supported) you will have to implement note 2297440 to make it work.

In SAP TM some more notes have been released to optimize the performance of the event processing and event propagation inside SAP TM. For details please check this document: New notes to optimize the performance of the event processing in SAP TM

Cheers, Daniel