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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Sometimes users are unhappy about the runtime at save of freight documents.

There are some settings in IMG customizing of  SAP Transportation Management that have significant influence on performance of freight documents (freight orders or bookings) that are widely unknown.

I wanted to provide some information about what can be done to improve performance in a freight document just by setting or not setting of indicators in customizing.

Charge Calculation Settings:

In the freight order there is a parameter to enable automatic charge calculation on save of a document.
Very often it is not required to see costs right away as charges are only needed in a later step. Therefore one advice is to move charge calculation to the background and turn off automatic charge calculation.

For this purpose the relevant flag for automatic charge calculation can be unset and calculation can be moved to the background by running batch job /SCMTMS/TOR_CALC_BATCH.

This change may help to improve performance by 25%, dependent on the structure of calculation and tariffs in charge calculation master data.

In case a user wants to see charges, he can always trigger charge calculation in a freight document manually.

Cost Distribution Settings:

Another setting that influences performance at save of a freight order or freight booking is the usage of cost distribution. In many cases a user working with a freight document is not really interested in how charges are distributed to individual items. This information is mostly relevant for people in the accounting or controlling area.

You can ask yourself, if you really need to see how costs are distributed already in the freight document. If there is no need to have a look in the freight order on how costs are distributed to individual items, you can disable this setting in the freight order customizing and only enable it in the settlement document type.


Settings for automatic charge calculation and distribution of costs


Settings in Output Management:

Additionally to above customizing settings also output management does have a great influence on performance of freight documents.

It is advisable to set all output actions (e.g. B2B) to uncritical and to process them asynchronously in the background.

Settings in Output Management

Similarly this is relevant for the direct Output agents (e.g. EM extraction). This does additionally reduce the perceived runtime for the user as actions are processed asynchronously in the background.

Hierarchy settings:

Furthermore the hierarchy settings doe have quite some influence.
There is s great blog about the settings for hierarchies, that can improve performance by up to 80%.

Settings for text determination:

In case you are using text determination there is a great blog about performance impact of the settings for text determination

Key takeaway: There is lot's of potential that you can influence on your own to improve performance.

If you have more ideas, please let me know. I am happy to receive your feedback on the improvement recommendations above.
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