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Continuing our discussion from the previous blog  Part I - Advance your supply chain maturity: transform to orchestrate supply chain in real time, let’s now examine the capabilities required to support the transformation and how SAP enables them.

Key capabilities required to integrate planning and execution and support real-time supply chain orchestration are -

  • Continuous, integrated and iterative planning

  • End-to-end visibility, performance management and management by exception

  • Supply chain intelligence and predictive insights

  • Agile response with ability for dynamic and collaborative decision making

  • Real-time collaboration with suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners

  • Collaborative planning with customers

  • Digitize supply chain with connected everything to take orchestration to the next level.

SAP provides the most innovative, comprehensive and integrated digital platform to achieve highest level of supply chain maturity in the industry, that is ability to orchestrate supply chain in real-time.  This platform is built using latest technology advancements to deliver leading-edge supply chain processes and has a roadmap that will help you stay ahead of market inflection points.

Advance your supply chain maturity and lead in the digital economy with SAP Digital Supply Chain Platform enabling –

  • Planning and execution convergence - manage business risks and take advantage of market opportunities by dynamically aligning operations plans through an integrated planning and execution.

  • Continuous and iterative supply chain planning – advanced algorithms to optimize demand, supply and inventory in an integrated environment.

  • Agile response - use power of real-time and in-memory platform for on the fly simulate, scenario building and what-if analysis with ability to collaborate internally and externally.

  • Machine learning and predictive analytics – for example, predictive demand sensing for short-term demand forecast

  • Continuously monitor real-time performance of finance, product portfolio, sales, and operations across the multi-tier supply chain

  • Automated alerts, workflow and manage supply chain by exceptions

  • Orchestrate complex supply chain decisions by collaborating with suppliers in a multi-tiered network

  • Digital Supply Chain with connected everything. Orchestrate supply chain in real-time. Deploy new digital business models.

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