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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Designed to run all storage and fulfillment processes, SAP EWM enables companies to fully automate warehouse and distribution operations, including inbound processing and receipt confirmation, cross-docking, outbound processing, warehouse and storage management, and physical inventory management. Additional warehouse management features support workforce management as well as slotting and advanced inventory optimization techniques. Connectivity to warehouse automation equipment completes the environment. By automating processes for full control of warehouse operations, companies can improve asset utilization, increase throughput and safety, and ensure on-time compliant and accurate order fulfillment. By automating processes for full control of warehouse operations, companies can improve asset utilization, increase throughput, and ensure on-time and accurate order fulfillment.

For details please visit SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management supports the complete transportation management lifecycle for both domestic and international freight processes. It helps companies to manage transportation requirements, plan and optimize freight, book carriers, tender freight, settle and forward freight orders, and comply with international trade and hazardous goods requirements. SAP TM determines all cost elements based on agreed tariffs and conditions. These capabilities can also be integrated with SAP ERP financials for carrier payment, internal settlement, and cost distribution. By optimizing inbound and outbound freight and shipping operations, companies can improve asset utilization and customer satisfaction, lower operational cost, and reduce overall transportation spend.

For details please visit SAP Transportation Management

SAP Yard Logistics

Retailers manage huge assortments of goods that in most cases consist of articles which only spend a very limited time in warehouses and stores before they are sold and refilled. Different assortments result in a high turnover in the warehouse and may also lead to the fact that trucks have to load goods at several buildings in a warehouse complex or at several doors of a single warehouse. In most cases warehouse processes need to be done under time pressure, as for example, delivery windows for fresh products in stores need to be met by the delivery driver. So, yard operations need to be effective and simplified.

For details please visit SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Logistics Business Network

In Retailers' complex supply chains, logistics collaboration is mandatory for reducing total cost and improving service to the end customers. Our cloud offering SAP Logistics Business Network (SAP LBN) is an open, secure network that connects multiple business partners for inter-company logistics collaboration and insights. Based on SAP LBN's interoperable platform, which offers a business partner directory as well as central services, we want to enable multiple capabilities over time for Freight Collaboration, Global Track and Trace and for Material Traceability (details please refer to roadmap).

For details please visit SAP Logistics Business Network