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Check out the latest SAP SCM rapid-deployment solution offerings. They can help you to jump start and extend your business to world class supply chain execution and to leverage a demand driven supply network. Leverage the first pre-assembled SCM rapid-deployment solution appliance for a proof of concept, demo or as an implementation jump start.


Supporting Demand and Supply Network Planning:


SAP Global ATP Check rapid-deployment solution V3.703 (Upgrade)
– Implement in as little as 12 weeks

Provide the right amount of products that have been requested at the right time and deliver more value to your customers by relying on the SAP Global ATP Check rapid-deployment solution. The solution can help you confirm and process orders smoothly and resolve back-order issues more quickly.

What's new with V3.703?

  • Runs now on enhancement package 3 for SAP Supply Chain Management, release 7.0

SAP Advanced Production Scheduling rapid-deployment solution V3.703 (Upgrade)

Go live in as little as 11 weeks

Advanced production scheduling fully combines your existing material requirement planning in the SAP ERP application with sophisticated detailed scheduling in the SAP APO component with limited replication of master data to SAP APO. You can graphically optimize the production plan while safeguarding the investments made in SAP ERP.

  • Runs now on enhancement package 3 for SAP Supply Chain Management release

Supporting Logistics and Order Fulfillment:


SAP Truck Transportation for Shippers rapid-deplyoment solution V2.91 (Upgrade)

Deployed within 12 weeks

Plan, execute, monitor, and settle freight cost for truck transports for receiving and sending goods. Manage order consolidation, routing, scheduling and carrier selection in transport planning for shippers. Communicate to the carrier over the collaboration portal. Monitor the process and verify the freight charges of the carrier invoices.

What's new with V2.91?

  • Upgrade to SAP TM 9.1 with SAP ERP 607 and SAP PI 7.4

  • Incorporates SAP ERP shipment integration, which makes the SAP Transportation Charge management for Shippers rapid-deployment solution obsolete.

  • Adds purchase order-based and intracompany stock transport order-based scenario

  • Includes updates of new functionality; e.g., new collaboration portal, etc.

Find out more:


SAP Ocean Carrier Booking for Shippers rapid-deployment solution V2.91 (Upgrade)

Deployed in as little as 9 weeks

Plan, execute, and monitor ocean transports and respective pre- or oncarriage for receiving and sending goods. Manage to book ocean vessel capacity, possibility to exchange of shipping instructions, and provide container visibility.What's new with V2.91?

  • Upgrade to TM 9.1 with SAP ERP 607 and SAP Process Integration 7.4

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management rapid-deployment solution V5.91 (Ready to Activate Appliance)

Order and set up an integrated SAP ECC-SAP EWM sandbox system on Amazon cloud via SAP Store

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management rapid-deployment solution V5.91 - Ready to Activate Appliance provides an integrated SAP ECC-SAP EWM sandbox system on Amazon cloud, which is ready for users to activate the SAP EWM rapid deployment solution V5.91 content. The respective image comes with a guiding virtual appliance document and can be ordered via the SAP Store.

What are the benefits of this ready-to-activate appliance?

  • Get a running system with a meaningful business scope in a short period and help customers understand the SAP EWM application before project start

  • SAP EWM rapid-deployment solution pre-configured warehouse processes with a high fit to narrow-aisle high racks, wide-aisle high racks, mezzanines and bulk storage physics

  • Support different customer requirements like proof-of-concept, trainings, blueprint discussion and so on

  • Jump start the implementation from cloud, and transport all configurations to on-premise to continue the implementation

Find out more: SAP EWM rapid-deployment soluton appliance V5.91 on SAP Store