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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Throughout the remainder of 2023, I will continue my blog series that discusses the core features of SAP Field Service Management.  In this blog, I will discuss the Field Service Management, mobile app, and how its simple, intuitive, user experience coupled with comprehensive functionality is a game changer for maintenance/service organizations. These blogs/videos reflect the updated features we have published on the Field Service Management website. See the existing blog series below:

Native offline applications

SAP Field Service Management, mobile app, is one of the mobile maintenance/service execution applications that SAP offers and it is supported on iOS, Android, and Windows. This feature-rich mobile application is part of the integrated SAP Field Service Management platform and provides a visually appealing, intuitive user experience for technicians. Being an online/offline supported application, it enables offline access to customer and job information so that technicians can work regardless of internet connectivity. This means that technicians can download their jobs at the beginning of the day, and have the option to work entirely offline throughout their shift before returning to connectivity and syncing the data back to SAP Field Service Management. The configurable application offers a variety of features, such as digital Smartforms, guided workflows, location tracking, time, material, expense and mileage entries, measurement point support, offline reporting, and many more – for a full list of features see here. In the meantime, take a look at this demo which gives a high-level overview of the application:

Guided workflow

In SAP Field Service Management, a guided workflow refers to a structured and step-by-step process that technicians or service personnel follow while performing service operations. It simplifies service operations by providing a clear and intuitive framework for technicians to execute their tasks efficiently.  The configurable workflows standardize processes, enhance productivity and help ensure compliance, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective service delivery. This means customers can tailor workflows that are unique to their maintenance/service processes and have their field technicians carry them out in the field. For more information on guided workflows, see here.

SAP Field Service Management - Guided Workflow



Smartforms are customizable digital forms that enable technicians to capture and record data during service operations. These forms can be designed and configured to meet specific business requirements, allowing organizations to standardize and simplify their operations. Smartforms can be configured with little to no technical background, as the platform provides a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop tools for designing and customizing. Smartforms can be tailored to capture various types of data such as customer information, service details, equipment specifications, checklists, and more. Smartforms are accessible within the SAP Field Service Management mobile app, enabling technicians to complete them directly in the field (online or offline) eliminating the need for manual paperwork and subsequent data entry. Lastly, Smartforms can be integrated to SAP S/4HANA or ECC, meaning they can update core master data such as measurement points, or trigger notifications, purchase orders, etc. depending on the user inputs and configuration.

SAP Field Service Management - Smartforms

Location tracking

The SAP Field Service Management mobile app utilizes location tracking to provide valuable benefits for maintenance/service operations. With location tracking enabled, this allows the system to leverage dynamic route optimization based on real-time location updates, allowing technicians to be assigned to jobs that are closer in proximity and thus complete more tasks. Enhanced customer service is achieved through accurate ETA notifications, giving customers transparency into where their technician is and their status. Safety measures are enhanced with the ability to quickly locate technicians in emergencies, and compliance is ensured by tracking technician presence at specific locations. Furthermore, location data can be analyzed to gain insights, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions. It is worth noting, that for some organizations, location tracking may not be desired, hence it can easily be turned off within the application. For more information, see here.


Location Tracking from the Service Map


Location Tracking - Customer Self-service Portal

Service and offline reporting

Offline reporting in SAP Field Service Management mobile allows the generation and viewing of reports directly within the app. Reports are created based on data collected during service activities and are presented in an interactive HTML format. Users can customize the reports with different layouts and styles, making them company specific, visually appealing, and easy to understand. The reports provide valuable insights and into the service performed, including all of the time efforts, materials used, charges, expenses, mileage, equipment info, etc. and also contains any required signatures. Offline access for the reports is also supported, enabling technicians to create and view reports even without an internet connection. To promote transparency and collaboration, it is common to share these reports with other stakeholders, including customers, dispatchers, etc. and can be easily retrieved when required.  For more information, see here.


The SAP Field Service Management mobile app is a fully integrated part of the SAP Field Service Management platform and comprehensive mobile solution for organizations looking to optimize their service operations via an intuitive and simple user experience. With native offline capabilities, technicians can work in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. The guided workflows provide a structured and intuitive framework, simplifying complex tasks and increasing efficiency. Smartforms enable customizable data capture, standardizing information collection and improving accuracy. Location tracking enhances visibility and enables efficient dispatching, while offline HTML reporting allows for dynamic and interactive reports that can be accessed and created on the go. Together, these features (along with many more) empower organizations to simplify and standardize processes, improve customer service, and drive productive field service operations. We are also rapidly developing many new features in our SAP Field Service Management mobile app, see some of the exciting roadmap items here.

Any thoughts or questions? Please share any feedback or thoughts in a comment. For related posts and more information, please join our SAP Field Service Management Community page as well as our SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Asset Management pages/communities. For more information, please also check out our SAP Field Service Management Website. I also encourage you to attend our Meet the Expert Session on the SAP Field Service Management, mobile app, which is scheduled for June 14th, registration details here.