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In Supply Network Collaboration, you have the possibility to send notification e-mails about alerts in the system, by setting up Alert Notification Profiles.

The business need is to send e-mails with a specific alert type to multiple users. In this case you have defined Alert Notification Profiles on the SNC portal under Exceptions -> Alert Notification Administration. For example, you have two profiles with the same settings in the following fields:

  • Selection

  • Active

  • Periodic Notification

  • Immediate Notification

  • Message Profile

  • Recipient Type

  • Message Channel

  • Validity

  • Minimum Priority

  • Partner (Business Partner)

These profiles are created with different users and e-mail addresses. When you start using these profiles, you notice that the e-mail notification is only created for one or none of the profiles. You may check and continue the analysis with SAP Note 2228578. If already implemented, you have to check the User settings.

In Supply Network Collaboration authorization settings you can define if a user is able to view a specific Product or Location. If the above settings for the Notification Profiles are the same for all the users, the problem is that some users are not authorized to view the Location Product the Alert is related to. The Function Module that performs this check is /SCA/DM_MDL_LOCPROD_AUTH_FILTR. To resolve the message creation problem, change the user settings and provide authorization for the specific Location Product and the e-mails will be generated.