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Dear SAP Business Network/Supply Chain Collaboration Clients,

Supply chain disruptions are dominating headlines and making it challenging to meet customer demand. Critical parts and labor shortages caused by the global pandemic are now being exacerbated by geopolitical instability in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Now more than ever you need full visibility into your extended supply chain of external manufacturing partners, packaging partners, suppliers, logistics partners and more.

Did you know that SAP Business Network for Supply Chain (SCC) can already help you identify areas of potential supply chain disruption? It offers supply chain visibility tools and reports into where and when potential disruptions may occur at a granular and actionable level. For example, you can identify potential disruption by country (or even the local state or region in a country), or by purchase order, or ship-to (in order to identify a particular plant or factory that may be impacted), and many other key reporting means.

Learn more in this new demo. It is also located on our SAP Community page for direct spend and business networks, which you can access here, under “Use Cases.” It is called “Supply chain disruption and visibility.”

View this demonstration to learn more about the supply chain visibility tools and reports it offers. Explore how your company can leverage SAP Business Network for Supply Chain to identify and mitigate your supply risks.