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A feature many customers have asked for over the last years, product incompatibilities are finally supported by the SCE Package Builder. From a packaging perspective this basically means that certain products can not be consolidated together with some other products. For SAP TM this could so far be handled for some scenarios by separating those products on Freight Unit level, but this is not sufficient for more complex consolidation scenarios.

How can it be defined?

Right spot for the definition is the new Product Relation Profile in the section 'Consolidation Settings':

Here it is possible to define per product - product combination how they behave (note that of course the new reference material logic is also supported and recommended here to minimize the number of entries and ensure transparency). The setting offers two options:

  • Yes - Products can not be consolidated together and will end up on separated top level packages

  • Yes (On First Level Only) - Products can not be in the same package, but can be combined on the next level

For a cartonization scenario this means having 2 different products going to the same carton type and then going onto the same pallet type:

  • Yes - Both products packaged into different cartons (of the same type) and packaged onto two different pallets (of the same type)

  • Yes (On First Level Only) - Both products packaged into different cartons (of the same type) and packaged onto the same pallet

How does it work?

Here an example:

Product SCDP_PRD_TEA1 (with reference material SCDP_RM_TEA), ordered quantity 1 EA

Product SCDP_PRD_COFFEE1 (with reference material SCDP_RM_COFFEE), ordered quantity 1 EA

The setting 'Yes' leads to two separated pallets.

The setting 'Yes (On First Level Only) leads to a single pallet, but two cartons.

The setting 'No' leads to a single pallet and a single carton containing both products).

Where can it be activated?

The relevant product relation profile can be defined in the package builder profile.

As long as the PB does not find an incompatibility restriction, it will consolidate as much as possible. Note that the feature is not bound to the new Package Builder Optimizer, but handled in the ABAP component available in the SCMB 7.14.

As always, you can think of more complex scenarios and the need for further improvements, but the cornerstones for a solid processing of incompatibilities is now there and ready for consumption.