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Today I would like to steer attention to a new option when planning in the Transportation Cockpit. When doing this manually, typically the user picks a few objects like Freight Units from a list or hierarchy and links them to resources or existing orders. This can either be done using push buttons or via drag&drop. Pretty simple, isn't it? Well, reality has shown that for almost any of those actions customers with different requirements exist. Some wants this to happen, others almost the same, but a bit different.

Let's take a simple example: We pick a single freight unit having multiple stages and assign it to a truck. Customer A wants a single Road Freight Order to be created. Customer B wants to have a Road Freight Order per stage.

In the past, the system decided what to do and it was really cumbersome to steer it into a desired direction. Starting with TM 9.4, it is possible to assign manual planning settings to the planning profile setting the default behavior for a set of selected planning actions.

Within the settings, different areas of planning actions can be found and set.

I will not go into detail regarding the actual settings today. Check the documentation for this and try it out.

Within the Transportation Cockpit, it is of course possible to dynamically switch those settings:

To me a great way to cope with complexity and a very powerful tool to support a large variety of different planning scenarios.