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As a follow-up to TM 9.4 Geo-Map Configuration MKS68, today I would like to show how in TM 9.4 the display of spot like objects on the geo-map can be adjusted.

Spot like objects are basically all objects that have at all times a unique position defined by a longitude/latitude coordinate combination. Examples are:

  • Locations (address -> geo-coordinates)

  • Resources (depot / last-reported position / last-planned position)

  • Transportation Zones (center position)

  • Address Search Result

  • Any link object, where start and destination share the same coordinates

Until TM 9.4, those spot like objects are always displayed using a (colored) Pin Icon and a semantic Overlay Icon. The color of the Pin is used to show the object states standard, highlighted (when searching or adding new objects), selected, or multi. The multi state means multiple objects are displayed at the same position and overlay.

(Highlighted) Location with Pin and overlay icon

I think this type of display is pretty standard in map application. Downside of it is that each spot consumes quite a lot of space, so crowded scenes get cumbersome quickly.

To ease this, it is now possible to adjust the display of spots in the geo-map layout configuration. First of all you have to define how the icon should look like.

Either you load an icon from a MIME path, or you dynamically configure it. Doing so, you have the option to pick a shape (circle, square, triangle), the size in pixel, a fill color, a border color, and a broder width. For the color definition you find next to the geo-map layouts a separated activity as those colors can be shared between the map, the gantt chart, and the load plan visualization.

Icons for spots are defined under the spot configuration. Standard are the delivered pin icons. Note that when for your spot those definitions are empty, the default icons are used from SAP_DEFAULT or any default that you have assigned to your geo-map layout in the object schema. This way you only need to make definitions that are specific.

When I now want to use for example the blue circle instead of the pin/overlay icon, I change the location definition:

Note that for those icons it is NOT possible to use an overlay icon!

When displaying locations again, the layout is changed. Features like tooltip, context menu, and drag&drop are of course available like for the pins.

The adjusted layout is reflected automatically in the display profile.

I like this new feature a lot. Especially for map based planning having spots of different types (freight unit start / destination, freight order start / destination, different resource types), this can improve the understanding of the scene. At first a bit hard to find out for which spot role which definition is required, but after that powerfull!

Depending on customer feedback the range of shapes might grow.