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Today's MKS goes a bit more into detail regarding package building for weight based items. When the whole topic was kicked off, it focused on piece based items. But from our first front-runner customers we learned that there is a lot potential for weight based scenarios. So goal is clear: Enable packaging for items that are ordered based on weight.

Order with weight based item

Basically the TM Freight Unit builder decides what quantity is relevant for package building (/SCMTMS/CL_PB_FUB->MAP_FUB_ITEMS_TO_PB). It prefers the pieces quantity, but in case this is not available now also the item gross weight can be mapped into the relevant PB item field. Note that there is in the PB item structure also a dedicated field for item gross weight, but this is only used for the required weight determination.

Note that the package builder only processes items based on gross weight (definitions). There is currently no logic based on net weight.

In case the PB receives an item with weight based quantity, it will of course first determine the to-be-used package. After this it will check the product specific alternative unit of measure definitions. Those must no contain a conversion between the package unit of measure and the weight unit of measure.

Product with weight conversion

One challenge using this conversion is that the field Numerator is quite limited (I can do nothing about it as it is an ERP field existing quite a long time). It does not allow decimals and has i think only a length of 6. One feasible approach to get this running is the enhancement spot method DETERMINE_SPLIT_FACTOR. Maintain the exact weight conversion in the gross weight fields and overwrite the rounded value from the numerator field.

Again, the PB uses this as hard split criteria based on the gross weight. If I order let's say 600 kg of my product and a special additional packaging is required (like a bag around) per package with a weight of let's say 10 kg. If I keep the above conversion, 490 kg of the product and 10 kg bag will end up on the first pallet and 110 kg of the product and 10 kg bag will be on the second pallet.

After going through the PB, the final result for weight based items will be on the Freight Unit the following:

Freight Unit with weight based items

Don't get confused: The split factor coming from the product (in my example 500 kg) always excludes the package itself. So the 510 kg for the first pallet is not an additional bag, but the pallet itself. If you want to limit the pallet to 500 kg, you can use the maximum weight allowed.

Of course the pieces fields for the split item is empty.

Required SCMB Note: 2284420

Hope this gives you at least an idea what is already possible and where to start thinking. A lot to learn in this area. Looking forward to what's coming next.