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Having kicked-off the topic of Package Building with MKS53, explained the available profile to steer the component and its integration into SAP TM 9.3 with MKS54, and the required assignment of the package type to the products with MKS55, it is now time to check out the last definition before going into detail regarding the logic.

Within the product - package type assignment it is possible to point to the to-be-applied packing rules, which are defined on product master data data level. This is possible for both full and mixed package. For the full product package (a package that contains only this single product), the component will either use the base unit of measure of the package material. Or in case defined in addition, the package type unit of measure (which can either overrule the base unit of measure or be used alone without a package mater data entry -> remember, in this case no package attributes will be considered) can point to the product package conversion rules.

Package Master Data

So here are the most important definitions on package material level:

  • Base Unit of Measure -> Points to the product master data conversion rules (if not overwritten in the product - package type assignment)
  • Weight, Length, Width, and Height of the package material (considered when calculating weight and dimension of the final package containing products)
  • Maximum Weight of the package (package + product weight; can be reduced in the product package type assignment)
  • Maximum Height of the package (package + product height; can be reduced in the product package type assignment)
  • Closed package (even the package is not full, the height is fixed)

General Package material attributes

Packing specific master data definitions

Product Master Data

On product level, it is possible to define under 'Alternative Units of Measure':

  • Single product item attributes like weight, length, width, and height (considered during package attribute determination and mixed package building)
  • How many pieces of a product fit into a full package (defined by the package unit of measure); includes definition how high such a package is
  • How many pieces fit into a full product layer (defined by layer unit of measure -> remember, in the product - package type assignment you can specific the layer UoM to be used)

Note that it is of course possible to define conversion rules for multiple different package types.

Product master data definitions

Regarding scenario and system consistency, it is important to mention that the new package builder does only use already available standard fields of the product master data and that those entries can be transfered between ERP, TM and EWM. So all systems share the same data and a re-use of the component will ensure consistent results.

One of the next MKS will explain the logic the package builder applies when receiving product line items to be packaged.