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Quick one today as follow-up for MKS05 and MKS50. To save effort when maintaining the transportation network, it is possible to define means of transport in a hierarchical manner. Remember, the MTR is used to for example define transportation lanes based on it, attach cost, determine distance, and lots more. Since the usage is so wide, situation can occur that you need to distinguish two resource types for one of the usages, but the others pretty much keep the same behavior. Simple examle, you want to attach different cost to two truck types, but allow them to be used on the same lanes. To not being forced to create those for both MTRs, you can create a superordinate MTR, create the lanes for it and use the more specific MTR just for the cost. Of course the resources have the specific MTR assigned, but the generic superordinate MTR is picked up when no specific definition is available.

Here is how you do that. I have 3 MTRs created for my trucks. The specific truck types have the generic MTR assigned.

For this generic MTR I have set most of the required attributes for distance determination, sustainability, and so on.

For the specific MTRs I leave this empty:

My lanes are created for MTR_TRK, but my cost are attached to MTR_TRK_A and MTR_TRK_B. When I now use SAP TM automatic planning, the right definitions are used and I don't need to maintain too many lanes, distance definitions, ...

Nice way to save some effort and still being able to steer my processes.

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